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  1. WTS: 7.62x25 ammo(price lowered) All sold

    i'll take a case , you live near a fed-ex station & i'll pay fed-ex ground shipping without the wood . david
  2. WTS Gun Room cleanout

    i haven't seen an e-mail with your address to send m.o. .
  3. WTS Gun Room cleanout

    whats the inside of the m.g. tool box look like david
  4. does the bolt & barrel in 7.62 have to be polytech  also  ?


    1. coolhand


      Absolutely not! It doesn't have to by the Polytech.

      Any Chinese patterned barrel or bolt work just fine including aftermarket.





    2. coolhand


      Typo, sorry... I was typing it on my tiny iphone.


  5. i'll take 1 . david
  6. WTS: Lewis MG Parts

    i'll take the main springs . david
  7. WTS: .30/06 M1 GARAND Chamber Reamer $80 shipped

    i'll take 30.06 . david
  8. ron ,

    your e-mail said "it's mine"   .  hope that's so .  i can send m.o.  =  can i ship on my fed-ex ground acc.  ?  this is the same 7.62X25 that goes in PPS-43  &  Tokarev pistol ?
    hotmail is messing  with me about gun stuff - let's call this  "the box"  - i can receive but not reply  , my other e-mail is 165379@fedex.com & phone 405-681-9575 till fri. noon = if after that i will use my kid's e-mail .



    1. RON IN PA

      RON IN PA

      sorry sold

  9. 7.62x25 pistol/SMG ammo NC BE 13 1/2 boxes, $125.00

    i'll take it - if you still have . david427forever@hotmail.com
  10. if you come across an extra stripper hopper pressure spring - that is all i need to get my type 11 going . david427forever@hotmail.com
  11. WTS: Keltec KSG shotgun

    whats the stain on butt ? david427forever@hoymail.com
  12. Galil AR Forearm

    i take it this is NOT the square wooden 1 ? if it is , i'll take it . pic please . david427forever@hotmail.com