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  1. This is a like new CETME MARS 99% I'd say. It comes with 3 mags and a rare magazine with a good story about the CETME. PM me for mors pics or text at 202 297 9571 I am open to trades for the gun as well. HK's Looking for $4300 + shipping
  2. WTS: HK MP5A3N POST sample: $1800

    Pm sent
  3. So I have a few P7M13 mags that are all pre ban. They are all in great shape and I am looking to get $100 + shipping OBO I have them in IH, II, IJ, IR, JA, JC I also have the P7M8 mags for sale as well and I will sell for $100 + shipping OBO I have them in ID, IE, IH, II, IJ, IS, JA, JC and regular Please contact me at 202-297-9571 or HKGunGuy123@gmail.com for pictures
  4. Has anyone followed up on sound suppressor?
  5. What do you think is going to happen to NFA items,now that someone has used a suppressor in a shooting? Its would be easy legislation without much push back. Shoot there are a variety of states that already don't allow either all or some NFA items. I wonder what will happen.... It not only sucks for the people that died for no reason but it also affects how the US views firearms and gun freedoms.
  6. So I have a registered lightning link and I am looking to sell it to buy an hk auto sear. It in good shape and rarely any rounds through it. I am looking to get $14000 For the link please contact me at 202 297 9571 or HKGunGuy123@gmail.com for photos. of you are interested. Thanks
  7. WTS: registered lightning link on form 3 in AZ

    I will have pictures of the copy of the form 3 tomorrow along with a picture of the lightning link
  8. I have for sale an Insight Lam model 1450 for sale. It comes with a brand new extra factory build for the flashlight. It is in awesome shape but it does not have a box or manual. I am looking for 2750 sold I am adding a Wilcox Nightstalker to the mix. it is in great shape with no issues. It comes with the box for the laser and the flashlight. looking to get 2500 OBO Trades considered Sig 551p really looking for one! I found it Sig 550p HK94 Hk93 Mark 23 Tan USP ODgreen USP tan sp89 Anything HK collector grade +,- cash on my end for each one Please let me know what you have and please email me at HKGunGuy123@gamil.com or text me at 202 297 9571 for photos Thanks

    HK mp5k barrel?
  10. WTS: HK 91 MINT!

  11. WTS: HK 91 MINT!

    Looking to sell this mint condition HK91 don't need it right now goin gin a different direction with guns. I do have quite a few attachments if you are interested. Looking for 2500 OBO please contact me at 202 2nine7 nine57one if interested
  12. WTS: HK 91 MINT!

    No box and papers and I cannot post pictures
  13. WTB: HK trigger pack/sear

    bump the ad
  14. WTB: HK trigger pack/sear

    I want to buy an HK trigger pack or transferable sear and I would like to buy one that is on a form 3 or 4 in AZ. If you have one and located in AZ please contact me at 202 297 9571. If you are out of state I will consider. I am not looking for anything for 30k+ anything under please. Thanks If you prefer email it is HKGunGuy123@gmail.com
  15. I have for sale a usp tactical with night sights, and 5 HK mags and one 20 round extended mag. I comes with an HK case. Text me at 202 297 9571 or HKGunGuy123@gmail.com
  16. WTS: HK 94 German excellent condition $4500

    PM sent I live in AZ
  17. WTS/WTT: MP5K-N

    I have here a Michaels Machines built and done SP89/MP5k. It is very nicely done but could use a new home. The SP89 KC date code It comes with the following. -clipped and pinned -FA ready BCG -factory MP5k barrel - SP5k case -2 German 30 round mags -paddle mag release. This really is a gorgeous piece but the Auto sear I was going to get fell through again. I am looking for 7.5K OBO or any cool HK trades If you want to get clarification on the barrel you can contact mike at M&M please contact me at 202 297 9571 or HKGunGuy123@gmail.com for additional info. Thanks!
  18. I have a HK 91 IB date code A3. It is in very good condition as it is a safe queen. 100 rounds were shot through the gun. It is an awesome gun but looking for other things to shoot. This rifle also comes with the .22 conversion kit. Unfortunately I lost the .22 caliber magazines but I am sure you can find them or if you already have a conversion I can separate the package. This also comes with part of a grenade launching system for the HK91. It also comes with 5 magazines. This is a pretty cool package as the A3 stock is more desirable. If you have any more questions or pictures please contact me at 202 297 9571 or HKGunGuy123@gmail.com I am looking for 2800 shipped or trade