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  1. So who out there converts BCG's compatible with the Lightning Link? M60 Joe is not the man to do it anymore because he's retired. Any references? Thanks please PM me if you have any leads.
  2. So I have a few P7M13 mags that are all pre ban. They are all in great shape and I am looking to get $75 + shipping OBO I have them in IH, II, IJ, IR, JA, JC I also have the P7M8 mags for sale as well and I will sell for $75 + shipping OBO I have them in ID, IE, IH, II, IJ, IS, JA, JC and regular Please contact me at 202-297-9571 or HKGunGuy123@gmail.com for pictures
  3. So I have a Wilcox that I want to get rid of. The only pieces I have are the Mark 23 mount and the IR flashlight. so I am looking for 1800 OBO for these pieces. If you are interested please contact me at 202 297 9571 Here is the full Piece but I no longer have the laser. Thanks
  4. BCG configuration for lightning link

    I am looking for someone to do it to a 416 BCG. Yeah I heard getting the timing down is kind of difficult, plus if you take off weight on one part of the BCG you need to add it elsewhere.
  5. Here I have a good condition p7m13 for sale. I have shot it a few times but I have a couple others and don't need this one. I am looking to let this go for $2750.00 OBO for the gun. This package will come with 5 mags, box, with all the tools. if you are interested please contact me at 202 297 9571 or HKGunGuy123@gmail.com Thanks
  6. bump to the top for more mags
  7. Bump to the top for more mags.
  8. You don't see these everyday but I have p7m8/m13 grip sets and p7 recoil springs p7m13 grip set is $100 + shipping 5+ sets p7m8 grip set $100 + shipping 5+ sets Recoils spring $20 + shipping If you are interested in any of these please contact me at 202 297 9571 or HKGunGuy123@gmail.com
  9. This is a like new CETME MARS 99% I'd say. It comes with 3 mags and a rare magazine with a good story about the CETME. PM me for mors pics or text at 202 297 9571 I am open to trades for the gun as well. HK's Looking for $4300 + shipping
  10. WTS: HK MP5A3N POST sample: $1800

    Pm sent
  11. Has anyone followed up on sound suppressor?
  12. What do you think is going to happen to NFA items,now that someone has used a suppressor in a shooting? Its would be easy legislation without much push back. Shoot there are a variety of states that already don't allow either all or some NFA items. I wonder what will happen.... It not only sucks for the people that died for no reason but it also affects how the US views firearms and gun freedoms.