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  1. You don't see these everyday but I have p7m8/m13 grip sets and p7 recoil springs p7m13 grip set is $100 + shipping 5+ sets p7m8 grip set $100 + shipping 5+ sets Recoils spring $20 + shipping If you are interested in any of these please contact me at 202 297 9571 or HKGunGuy123@gmail.com
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  5. WTS: HK MP5A3N POST sample: $1800

    Pm sent
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  7. So I have a few P7M13 mags that are all pre ban. They are all in great shape and I am looking to get $100 + shipping OBO I have them in IH, II, IJ, IR, JA, JC I also have the P7M8 mags for sale as well and I will sell for $80 + shipping OBO I have them in ID, IE, IH, II, IJ, IS, JA, JC and regular Please contact me at 202-297-9571 or HKGunGuy123@gmail.com for pictures
  8. This is a like new CETME MARS 99% I'd say. It comes with 3 mags and a rare magazine with a good story about the CETME. PM me for mors pics or text at 202 297 9571 I am open to trades for the gun as well. HK's Looking for $4300 + shipping
  9. Has anyone followed up on sound suppressor?
  10. What do you think is going to happen to NFA items,now that someone has used a suppressor in a shooting? Its would be easy legislation without much push back. Shoot there are a variety of states that already don't allow either all or some NFA items. I wonder what will happen.... It not only sucks for the people that died for no reason but it also affects how the US views firearms and gun freedoms.
  11. WTS: registered lightning link on form 3 in AZ

    I will have pictures of the copy of the form 3 tomorrow along with a picture of the lightning link
  12. So I have a registered lightning link and I am looking to sell it to buy an hk auto sear. It in good shape and rarely any rounds through it. I am looking to get $14000 For the link please contact me at 202 297 9571 or HKGunGuy123@gmail.com for photos. of you are interested. Thanks

    HK mp5k barrel?