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  1. WTS: Ump .45 parts kit

    bump 2 left
  2. WTS: Ump .45 parts kit

    Bump 2 left
  3. Looking to sell a good parts kits. Looking fo 2,500 + shipping if you are interested please contact me at 202 297 9571 to HKGunGuy123@gmail.com
  4. WTS: HK 94 A3

    So I am looking for money to acquire parts for another project so I thought, why not let one of my MINT Hk94's go. So here it are some pictures. I had to take it at the gun store because I have a wait but here it is. It will come with one 30 round HK mag. This thing is in great shape. I don't know the rounds count though. If you are interested I am looking for 5100.00 shipped OBO 202 297 9571 or HKGunGuy123@gmail.com for pics
  5. I have a few ump kits for sale for all those USC's coming in. UMP .45 kit ($1,550 shipped) UMP lower BCG recoil rod .45 barrel factory barrel Threaded stock with rear stub 2 pic rails/ 1 top pic rail extractor 1 charging handle 1 front end 1 .45 LEO mag MY contact is 202 297 9571 or HKGunGuy123@gmail.com for pictures
  6. Hello there, I did not know where to post this thread so I went with Retro. I have a lead on a Colt SP1 registered receiver and I am not familiar with the people who did the conversion. The conversion was done by: Eldridge Vance Greer. If anyone has any info about these folks please let me know. Also what should I look for when determining whether the conversion was good or not. Thanks, Mark Iacovetta
  7. So House Bill 961 passed the House of Delegates today 51-48. 4 Democrats said no to the proposal but it still passed! https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news...1o00RHDAfWgoDE It will be heading to the State Senate tomorrow. Here is a list of all the State Senators. https://apps.senate.virginia.gov/Senator/emailist.php Here is a lawyer on the ground in Virginia https://www.facebook.com/virginialaw...1365241409636/ This is the list of Senators he said to contact that he's thinks we can sway. district25@senate.virginia.gov (434) 296-5491 Criegh Deeds district21@senate.virginia.gov 804 698 7521 John Edwards District16@senate.viriginia.gov Joe Morressey This is my Emil I have sent to them: Senator Deeds, After following the lead up to the House of Delegates passing the Virginia Assault Weapons Ban bill, I sternly agree that you oppose this bill. This would make people felons over night by having pieces of plastic (high capacity magazines) in their possession. Not only that there is visually no data to show that this ban will make people safer in Virginia. Less than 1% of all gun deaths involved a rifle of any kind, in-fact I only read a hand full of cases in Virginia that involved a rifle and any kind. This is taking away our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. There are multiple occasions through out the country where and Assault Weapon is used to defend their family. Once again please oppose House bill 961 Regards, Mark Iacovetta Reference : https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/congress/va PLEASE TO ANYONE, TAKE YOUR TIME AND EMAIL ANYTHING YOU WISH!!
  8. 2A folks are winning!

    I just posted about it. There are all other numbers of the representatives that were on the committee that passed the bill to allow it to head to the House of Delegates. Even if you aren't in Virginia I'd ask you to call them. I called 10 of 12 committee members that got the bill through the committee because they be voting for it in the state house. I will soon have more info of the state legislatures. We need to call them. It will make felons out of millions of Virginians because in order to keep you ASW you have to register it to the state police! don't let it happen!!!! I am going to call and call and call!! We will have more luck in the senate but I hope we can get this done to not allow it to pass!
  9. WARNING!!!

    If you are in Virginia, the house committee just passed an assault weapons ban. If you are in Virginia call your state legislature! Chairman Patrick Hope, (804) 698-1047 Vice Chairman Jeffrey Bourne, (804) 698-1071 Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, (804) 698-1002 Del. Sam Rasoul, (804) 698-1011 Del. Joshua Cole, (804) 698-1028 Del. Kenneth Plum, (804) 698-1036 Del. Kaye Kory, (804) 698-1038 Del. Daniel Helmer, (804) 698-1040 Del. Mark Levine, (804) 698-1045 Del. Alfonso Lopez, (804) 698-1049 Del. Clinton Jenkins, (804) 698-1076 Del. Shelly Simonds, (804) 698-1094 Del. Marcia Price, (804) 698-1095
  10. 2A folks are winning!

    Not enough pro gun folks in CA, but there are plenty of gun folks in Virginia. We will see thought because there are still bills that passed the state house that could very well pass the Senate, Universal Background Checks for instance.
  11. So far pro 2A groups are winning the debate when it comes to gun control in Virginia. The state senate got so much push back that they scrapped the Assault Weapons ban. This is after Mike Bloomberg bribed state politicians with $2.5 million along with the Giffords center giving around $350,000. So $2.85 million dollars and still can't defeat the huge grass roots support of gun rights in Virginia. Good for you guys!!! Rallying works!