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  1. Rare pre89 Semi's

    I'm interested in the 50.63. PM me please.
  2. WTB M94/14 Swedish Carbine

    I am looking for an M94/14 Swedish carbine in 6.5X55 caliber. Matching numbers and excellent condition is a must. Cash in hand. for the right rifle
  3. WTS: 1975 Colt Combat Commander $1300 SPF

    I'll offer $1000
  4. I am looking for a NIB Winchester model 94 "Lost Squadron - Glacier Girl" commemorative rifle. Have cash ready.
  5. WTS: Sig 553 NH import!!

    Do you have any pictures of the SIG 553? And the accessories...especially the stock. I'm interested.
  6. WTS Pre-May keeper BAR $14K

    I met Kent Lamont at Knob Creek many years ago. Interesting guy. Currently I own no Class 3 weapons. I always said if I did, I would want a BAR...and a couple other items.
  7. WTB: Swedish Ljungman 6.5x55

    I am looking for a really nice Swedish Ljungman. Caliber is 6.5 x 55mm. I had one located last year and snoozed long enough to miss it. If you have one for sale please contact me.
  8. There ya go...heavy wooden pistol grip.
  9. did this rifle not come with a heavy wood pistol grip?
  10. WTS/WTT: LWRC REPR Leonidas 7.62x51 Price Reduced

    Will the price of $2350 cover a credit card payment through my shop?
  11. WTS/WTT: LWRC REPR Leonidas 7.62x51 Price Reduced

    I am interested. Do you know when this rifle was built? The reason I'm asking is that some of the .308 REPR's have feed problems due to improper milling of the magwell. I know the manufacturer is working on the problem but, to date, a permanent fix has not been accomplished. m
  12. WTS/WTT: LWRC REPR Leonidas 7.62x51 Price Reduced

    I can be reached at: 276-275-0290
  13. WTS/WTT: LWRC REPR Leonidas 7.62x51 Price Reduced

    I live in Virginia but my shop is in Tennessee. That's where it will be shipped to if you accept my offer.