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  1. WTB/WTT: M134 Recoil Adapters

    I have the short recoil adapters available if you still need a pair. I also have other Minigun parts available for sale or trade. jdegroat@ArmamentSales.com
  2. Looking to buy or trade for a XM27E1 Minigun mount which is used on the OH-6A Helicopter, would prefer a complete mount, but will also take parts at pieces as well. One item I would like to find is the yoke/fork that the gun mounts in to. I'm also interested in any other Minigun items as well as OH-6A helicopter parts. Attached is a picture of what the XM27E1 gun mount looks like that I'm looking for. Thanks James DeGroat jdegroat@ArmamentSales.com
  3. Looking for any and everything related to the OH-6A Helicopter, from complete helicopters, air frames, parts and accessories. Also interested in buying anything related to the XM27E1 Minigun mount that goes in the OH-6A helicopter or any other weapons system. If you don't have any parts available, but know of a friend or a friend of a friend that might have something please pass my contact info their way. jdegroat@ArmamentSales.com Thanks James DeGroat