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  1. *******Please contact me at mclmminsc at gmail dot com for pictures I have one of the first 50 LMT CSW’s inbound to my dealer and that rifle pretty much checks the boxes I needed checked when I got these two cans. I had held off sending in my forms to see if the the HPA would go anywhere but it hasn’t. I would rather see someone else get some use out of these. They have been sitting in my dealers safe for weeks. It will take me a day or two for pictures if you need them but they are your standard run of the mill BNIB KAC SMG cans just like any other KAC Navy or SD cans online. They are on form 3 in upstate SC. I am asking $1150 $950 obo for the 9mm Navy thread on shipped. SPF I am asking $1350 obo for the 9mm MP5SD shipped. I can offer a discount if you buy both. With the growing MP5 clone market, now is a good time to buy the gold standard in MP5 suppressors. I am not looking for trades. Discreet PP is best, but MO or cashiers check is GTG as well.
  2. ******Please contact me at mclmminsc at gmail dot com for fastest response and for detailed pictures. I have a very low round count, I would estimate under 250 rounds, HK416 upper for sale. It comes with the original gas block, but I have installed a new 14.5” barrel AGR ($500 part) using new roll pins. It also comes with a FDE Geissele 14.5” rail that has been modified so you can adjust the gas regulator. The AGR makes a HUGE difference when shooting suppressed. Everything else pictured is included, as well as the complete 416 lower parts kit from the demilled 416 it came from. This upper is a very accurate 416 upper and especially loves Mk262 type ammo as well as the new FGMM Berger 73gr ammo. Pictured is 2 10shot groups, one at 100, the other at roughly 450 yards. The bore and chamber are in exceptional shape. If you want to invest in a 416 upper, this is a great one to pick up. ****I am also adding a spare HK416 BCG that has had the firing pin safety removed so you can have your choice of using the factory set up or using it with a run of the mill trigger like a Geissele SSA. Just to be clear, you will be getting -a very low round count AF date code HK416 upper -a brand new HK latest generation adjustable gas block -original gas block -Geissele rail -a bolt carrier that has had the firing pin safety removed so you can use a regular trigger (the removed parts come with it) -a spare bcg that is stock, no mods -a complete lower parts kit -an HK marked m4 stock, buffer tube, castle nut - 2 HK charging handles -Surefire legacy muzzle brake -HK birdcage FH -extra rail sections for the geissele rail I am asking $2600 shipped. I will accept discreet PP or cashiers check/money order. It will ship the carrier of your choice.
  3. ****Please contact me via email at mclmminsc at gmail dot com for fastest response HK416 OTB 10.4" upper. Has 45 rounds down the tube. I got it brand new and it is still pretty much in brand new condition. The phosphate hasn't even been removed where the pusher rod impacts it, so it is still very cherry. It is a BF date code upper. The SF flash hider stays with me as it was not rocketed on and I will remount the original HK birdcage. It will come with a Geissele charging handle, Geissele FDE Rail and factory buffer/spring (not pictured). The only load I have fired through it is BH 69 gr TMK and it is a tack driver with that load. I am asking $4200 boo shipped and insured. No trades. I will take discreet PP or MO/cashiers check. I will discount it $100 for PP use just because of the logistics it saves me on my end. Lots of irons in the fire with life. I will ship insured the carrier of your choice.
  4. *******Please contact me via email at mclmminsc at gmail dot com for the fastest response I have a MP5SD cut upper with barrel and cocking parts for sale. The barrel bore is in great shape, although the outside needs a good carbon cleaning. It does not include the BCG. I am asking $1100 shipped obo, with a $50 discount if you use discreet PP. MO is also fine. No trades. I also have a B&T HK MP5SD rail in good shape for $225. It does have a few nicks in it but overall good shape. $25 discount if we deal with discreet PP. MO is also fine. Thanks
  5. *****Please contact me via email at mclmminsc at gmail dot com for the fastest response I had bought two SP5K's when they came out and was keeping one as a spare. I am selling some things I don't "need" for a big ticket item I do need. So I am parting with my spare SP5K. This one was one of the first ones to come out. It has been fired about 50 rounds to test function and sat in the safe. I cannot find the MLI optic rail for this unit, so I am throwing in a SB Tactical arm brace with the sale. It has all the original items including the cardboard box it shipped in. That box and the manual are not pictured, but they will come with it. BTW, this is not one of the ones where there was a slight gap in the sheet metal from the bending process. This one is solid. I will also give the buyer the option to buy the following new condition items at a slightly discounted price than if I were to sell them alone. An authentic HK MP5K German vertical grip, regular $49...I will sell with the SP5K for $25. A B&T Swiss Made MP5K, MP5K-N B&T Folding Stock (HK Parts #HKP-00172) that lists for $274....I will sell with the SP5K for $185. I was bored and tied the paranoid around the stock. These two items will help save you some time and money should you decide to SBR the pistol. I also have an OD green shoulder holster for the MP5K I will throw in. It is older but in decent shape. I am asking $2200 obo shipped by the carrier of your choice, insured with tracking. I am not interested in any trades. I will accept discreet PP, cashiers check or money order. As with other ads, I will discount $100 off the price if you use PP just for the logistics and running around it saves me on my end. Thanks for looking and I have a few more pictures on my end if needed.
  6. *****Please contact me at mclmminsc at gmail dot com for the fastest response I picked this up from an estate sale of a local HK collector. It has some obvious handling marks on it, and he took a little off the front and back strap stippling, but other than that it is very good to go. There is a inch long or so mark in the maritime finish on top of the slide, but it is not deep. This finish can fool you on how it looks vs how it actually is. I have fired 20 rounds through the pistol. I would estimate from looking at it the original owner fired it VERY little. These usually wear on the barrel hood and barrel pretty quick and this one is pretty clean as you can tell. I did not do a deep/detail clean. I just wiped it down with ballistol, so what you see is how the pistol has been since it was bought. It comes as you see it, one mag that is also in like new shape. I will provide a plastic hard case for shipping purposes. I am putting together a Mk23 w/RMR06 and KAC can. I just cannot bring myself to have a maritime finish pistol milled. This would be better suited for a collector. Besides, I've already god another newer Mk23 lined up. According to HKPro I believe the serial # puts this one under the first 1000 made for the civilian market, but I am no expert. I am asking $1450 shipped obo. Do not be afraid to make an offer, obviously no low ball offers, but what you feel is fair. I would prefer discreet PP. Cashiers check or MO is fine too, but PP is easier for me. I will discount it $75 if PP is used because of the logistics/time it saves on my end. The one picture of the non-ejection port side looks like there is a finish blem halfway down the slide. This is not so, it is where I touched it after wiping it with oil. You can email me for more detailed pics, Thanks
  7. HK P7M13 SOLD

    ******Please contact me via email at mclmminsc at gmail dot com I have a good condition, low round count IG date code P7M13 for sale. Has box & paperwork and 2 IG date coded mags that will come with it. It does have some holster wear but nothing major. I have a total of 10 extra various date code lightly used mags I will offer the buyer at $70 each. I am asking $2450 for the pistol, box and two mags shipped. I am not interested in any trades. Discreet PP or MO/cashiers check preferred. I will discount $100 if PP is used to save logistics on my end. I will ship the carrier of your choice with tracking insured.
  8. *****Please contact me via email at mclmminsc at gmail dot comI have a excellent condition II date code P7M8 for sale. I am pricing it as if just the plastic grips are included because I slightly chipped the nil grips during install. It comes with a II date code and 6 other various date coded mags. Comes with box serial number matched to the pistol and cleaning tools. Pistol has an extremely low round count and is well taken care of. I am asking $1850.00 shipped. I can include the following: a Del Fatti IWB black holster for $150 A Del Fatti single mag carrier $65 Del Fatti OWB holster $150 I am not looking for any trades. Discreet PP or Cashiers check or MO. I’ll discount $100 for PP use due to saving me time/logistics on my end. Email me for more pics
  9. **** Please contact me via email at mclmminsc at gmail dot com as I will be on the road todayI’ve got a extremely low round count IF date code HK94 for sale. I was going to do a MP5f conversion but have another project in mind. It has less than 200 rounds through it. The only faults I see are a aging crack in the rear of the collapsible stock, a bit of discoloration on the barrel where the shroud mounts and a bit of finish discoloration on the lower in one spot. I am including a KAC RAS with this I had gotten for the project as well as a fixed stock due to the crack on the collapsing stock. The KAC RAS is missing the bolt and receiver claw. I know what the RAS’s sell for but I do not feel right selling it without the bolt and claw. It will come with all pictured as well as a red manual, soft case and a IF date code 30 round mag. This is a perfect sbr donor. I am asking $3975 shipped and will discount $100 if you use paypal due to the logistics it saves me on my end. I will ship the carrier of your choice insured. I would prefer discreet PP of cashiers check/ money order. I am not interested in any trades. First pic shows the only real blem on the gun, on the lower, besides a little bit of discoloration on the barrel where the shroud was installed. I have + feedback on, snipershide and FWIW.
  10. I have been holding this back for a SP5K conversion but just for a shooter I think the B&T barrel will do, so here is a unicorn that doesn't come up every day. I got this in a parts kit on here a while back and it has just been sitting in the safe. Barrel looks to be in great shape. I am asking $1675.00 shipped insured, with tracking via the carrier of your choice. I will accept cashiers check, MO or discreet PP. I will discount $100 for use of PP for logistics on my end. No trades. ******I will be on the road off and on so please contact me at mclmminsc at gmail dot com Thanks
  11. WTS Knight's H&K KAC Navy 9mm used $1000

    Sir I am interested in at least 2 of these if they are still available. Can you please contact me at mclmminsc at gmail dot com much appreciated