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  1. WTS: Hotchkiss 1922 parts kit w/receiver pieces

    I'd sell the rec pcs for $1k. They're very hard to find and there are far far more kits than rec sets out there so I'm not particularly wanting to separate them.
  2. WTS: Hotchkiss 1922 parts kit w/receiver pieces

    Price reduced to $1400 per kit
  3. WTS: VZ58 kits w/receiver stub

    Price reduced to $245 shipped
  4. I have two VZ-58 parts kits for sale. One with a side folding stock, and the other with a fixed stock. Both have a saw cut receiver stub cut past the lugs and come with a sling, cleaning kit, and mag. Price is $286 shipped each. Payment via MO, check (1 week hold), or discrete PayP@l.
  5. WTS: Hotchkiss 1922 parts kit w/receiver pieces

    Price reduced to $1500 and pic added. Dusty and covered in cosmoline, inside of barrel's nice.
  6. I have two hotchkiss 1922 parts kits for sale. They have all receiver pieces though one may be missing the thin lower bar that connects 2 of the rec pcs at the base, an easy piece to fab, just can't seem to find it. They are Turkish kits and have Arabic writing on them. Barrels are nice. Asking $1600 each. Item is crossposted. Payment is via MO or check, if check I'll wait a week to clear. Shipping is actual price and will probably be around $40-50 via UPS ground. Pics to be posted later.
  7. WTB: 08/15 side plate

  8. WTB: 08/15 side plate

    Looking for a transferable 08/15 sideplate. Please let me know what you have and what you want cash or trade wise.
  9. Looking for a feed strip loader for a hotchkiss portative. Also and segmented belts, fedd strip repair tool, other accessories, etc.
  10. WTS: MG08/15 Sling, Hanger, Lock

    I'll take the buttstock
  11. Looking for the book by Dolf "The grand old lady of no man's land". Yes I know I can get it on amazon, no I'm not willing to pay that at this point.
  12. WTB: MG17 parts kit

  13. WTB: Hotchkiss portative M1909 parts

    I'm looking for a barrel and bolt in 7mm for a hotchkiss portative.
  14. I have a few of these rather large ZB37 tripods I'd like trade. Looking to trade for parts kit( no stens, pp243's, kp44's or other sub hundred dollar kits) or other tripods (madsen, pkm, bren, breda, etc). Let me know what you have. I'll also be on a road trip this next week going from Dallas, to FL, to PA, than back to Dallas, so if you live somewhere along the way I can deliver.
  15. WTB: MG17 parts kit