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  1. Suppressed Ruger 77/22 Rifle

    10-22 or 77-22?
  2. WTS: IWI X95 5.56 New in Box

    Please send offline contact data. I'm very interested in the item.
  3. I am interested in the M6 Streamlight. Can u pm me
  4. WTS New Leupold D-Evo

    Would you consider trades? Trijicon TA11-G. 3.5x35 Green Horseshoe FDE New
  5. WTS New Leupold D-Evo

    Is this 100% new?
  6. WTS:, LMT Mk18 upper

    What type of bbl on the Troy, are charging bolt and bolt carrier included?
  7. Can this be fired when folded?
  8. wts high Standard M10-b, 99%, orig owner,1000.00

    I am interested in this item. Do you know of any feed problems. I know you have only fired 5 times. Any issues with it at that time
  9. WTS: Sig 716 308 Gently Used $1400

    Bbl length? Is that a pistol brace? Is this a 716 Patrol?
  10. I am interested in this item. Can you send direct contact info?
  11. What is the Mfr Date and how much warranty remains
  12. I sent you an email. I am very interested in this item. Check your email.
  13. Very interested, Email sent. Please call me to discuss. Michael