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  1. Howdy ! As the title states. Maybe asking to much for NIB or slightly used but you get the idea. Cobray nomex cover and spare internal components including extra wipes and end cap would be a plus. Thanks! Norb.
  2. Howdy ! Scott. Its been quite a while but im interested in those two m11 FCG packages you had if you still have them. Thanks ! Norb
  3. WTB Leinad SxS 410/45 Derringer

    Howdy ! Sovereign guns on G .A under category. pistols / cobray. Good day !!
  4. help with night vision

    orders@nightvision4less.com 800-771-6845
  5. For Sale - 2 RPB MIO 9mm open bolt semi auto pistols with accessories. cobray swat cases barrel extensions with grips mag loaders thread protectors strap and hangers 2 piece receiver pins paddle mag releases slings brass catchers 1-30 rd and 1-15 rd magazines per nug 95% condition $2.400.00 per nug shipped FFL to FFL in legal states only (sorry no trades) Mail me directly at foxtail15nospam@yahoo.com (remove 'no spam' from address) Please no PM's or IM's Thanks for looking, Norb
  6. HOWDY ! I will take the bolt assembly assuming it is a smg bolt. Thanks ! Norb.
  7. WTB: M11A1/.380 , MAC, SWDUpper Reciever

    HOWDY ! try www.ftfindustries.com or cobray@cobray.com . cobray only has double loop butt wire forms available for the M11/9 that will also fit the M11/380 model as far as the rail length goes.I have a few single loop butts with out the rails for trade or sale. Good day!!
  8. WTB: M11/.380 stock, Ares links & bags

    Howdy. I assume your looking for the wire form single loop model original to the nug? Cobray company in north Dakota still has them for sale although they are the double loop model for the M11/9. Here is the mail address cobray@cobray.com. Phone number is 1-800-861-1323. Also i talked to Russell over at RPB back in December and he said the tooling has been sold off and dispersed . So no more. If you can only find a double loop stock, I have single loop butts here that I can trade. Good luck, Norb
  9. Howdy im back. One more question . Is the M10 bolt stripped or is there a extractor and charging handle detent components installed? Also interested in the beretta barrells one 22 cal and one 25 cal. Thanks Norb.
  10. WTB- parts kit for building a Leinad derringer

    Howdy. You might want to try EXCALIBUR LLC. They only have a phone numbers In ducktown tennesse . 1 800 642 1600. 1 423 496 4200 1 423 496 2201 Ask for dick. Good luck !!!
  11. I Will Take Both AK Extensions. Thanks! Norb
  12. Howdy.Is the AK Buttpad Extension Black Rubber With The Trap Door Hole ? New Or Used ? Screws Included ? About Two Inch Extension ? Thanks! Norb.