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  1. Excellent to like new condition. No box or manual. Price is $2000 including shipping with payment via paypal due when posting "I'll take it"
  2. Prompt payment and comm with this buyer for a SGL31.
  3. Excellent like new condition $1395 shipped to your FFL
  4. New and unfired, comes with soft rifle case, accesories, and all paper work, including 4 magazines. Price is $3200 shipped. price drop $3100
  5. **Sorry for my absence guys. Landed in the hospital with flu and pneumonia.` Shipping is $40 from my FFL to your FFL. Email me at KUNC@ME.COM for all inqueries For sale locally as well... Swiss Arms 553P NIB $2875 SOLD*****Robinson M96- $1795 excellent condition, appears unfired. B&T P26- $875 new in box (hard plastic case). SOLD****SLR-104FR - $1195 LNIB ...one in black furniture...price lowered. e. SOLD*****Daewoo AR-100 $1275 bought used but is in great condition SGL31 fixed stock- $1595 LNIB appears to be unfired but was not original buyer so selling as LNIB. Legion stamped for those wanting to know. Have a new russian complete folding stock and parts set for those wanting to convert from fixed to a folder. $200
  6. Seems to be unfired but cant be positive so listing as LNIB. Comes with all paper work, box, and sling. Stamped Legion on the reciever. This is a fixed stock model. $1750. In regards to the individual who asked if it was a SGL31-94...it is not. I also have a NIB SGL31-95 FIME, but on the fence about selling it.
  7. As the title states, looking for a MAXII new or like new in the box. Thanks
  8. Looking for a new to excellent condition AK5C folding adjustable stock and AK5 handguard. Thanks