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  1. For sale is our PeMay Dealer Sample FN FAL in 7.62x51mm. SPF plus $60 shipping. NFA Dealers only. 3 magazines included. First to commit to the asking price receives priority. All NFA rules apply. FN FAL Full Auto Rifle (a little Wiki Spiel) The FAL is a battle rifle designed by Belgian small arms designer Dieudonné Saive and manufactured by FN Herstal. During the Cold War the FAL was adopted by many countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, with the notable exception of the United States. It is one of the most widely used rifles in history, having been used by more than 90 countries. Because of its prevalence and widespread usage among the militaries of many NATO and first world countries during the Cold War, it was given the title "The right arm of the Free World". It is chambered for the 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge. The British Commonwealth variant of the FAL was redesigned from FN's metrical FAL into British imperial units and was produced under licence as the L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle.Wikipedia Type: Battle rifle Place of origin:Belgium In service:1953–present Used by:90+ countries (See Users)Designer:Dieudonné Saive Designed:1947–53 Manufacturer:FN Herstal, Fabricaciones Militares, IMBEL Produced:1953–present (Production by FN stopped in 1988) Number built:7,000,000 Variants:See Variants Weight:FAL 50.00: 4.25 kg, FAL 50.61: 4.45 kg (9.81 lb), FAL 50.62: 4.3 kg (9.48 lb), FAL 50.63: 3.75 kg (8.27 lb), FAL 50.64: 3.9 kg (8.6 lb), FAL 50.41: 5.1 kg (11.24 lb), FAL 50.42: 6 kg (13.23 lb) Length:FAL 50.00 (fixed stock): 1,090 mm (42.91 in), FAL 50.61 (stock extended): 1,095 mm (43.11 in), FAL 50.61 (stock folded): 845 mm (33.27 in), FAL 50.62 (stock extended): 1,020 mm (40.16 in), FAL 50.62 (stock folded): 770 mm (30.31 in), FAL 50.63 (stock extended): 998 mm (39.29 in), FAL 50.63 (stock folded): 748 mm (29.45 in), FAL 50.41 (fixed stock): 1,125 mm (44.29 in) Barrel length:FAL 50.00: 533 mm (20.98 in), FAL 50.61: 533 mm (20.98 in), FAL 50.62: 458 mm (18.03 in), FAL 50.63: 436 mm (17.17 in), FAL 50.41: 533 mm (20.98 in) Cartridge:7.62×51mm NATO Action:Gas-operated, tilting breechblock Rate of fire:700 rounds/min (fully automatic), variable (semi-automatic) Muzzle velocity:FAL 50.00, FAL 50.61, FAL 50.64, FAL 50.41: 840 m/s, FAL 50.63: 810 m/s Effective firing range:FAL 50.00, FAL 50.41: 600 m, FAL 50.61, FAL 50.62, FAL 50.63, FAL 50.64: 300 m Feed system:20- or 30-round detachable box magazine. 50-round drum magazines are also available. Sights:ramped aperture rear sight (adjustable from 200 to 600 m/yd in 100 m/yd increments), post front sight —————————————————————————————————————————————————- For sale is our PreMay Dealer Sample WWII MP-40 in 9mm. $9,500 plus $60 shipping. NFA Dealers only. 3 ORIGINAL WWII mags included. Original and authentic WWII leather Sling included. Cocking lever functions properly but needs plastic handle piece. Shoots like a dream. First to commit in writing at the asking price gets priority. All NFA rules apply. Designer Heinrich Vollmer Berthold Geipel Designed 1940 Manufacturer Steyr-Mannlicher[1] Erma Werke Haenel Unit cost 57 RM (1940) 210 EUR current equivalent Produced 1940–1945 No. built 1,100,000 (estimated) Variants MP 36 MP 38 MP 40 MP 40/1 MP 41 Specifications Mass 3.97 kg (8.75 lb)[2][3] Length 833 mm (32.8 in) stock extended/630 mm (24.8 in) stock folded[4] Barrel length 251 mm (9.9 in)[4] Cartridge 9×19mm Parabellum[4] Action Straight blowback, open bolt[3] Rate of fire 500–550 rounds/min[4] Muzzle velocity 400 m/s (1,312 ft/s)[4] Effective firing range 100–200 m[3] Maximum firing range 250 m[3] Feed system 32-round detachable box magazine, 64-round with dual magazines[3] Sights Hooded front blade The MP 40 submachine guns are open-bolt, blowback-operated automatic arms. The only mode of fire was fully automatic, but the relatively low rate of fire enabled single shots with controlled trigger pulls. The bolt features a telescoping return spring guide which serves as a pneumatic recoil buffer. The cocking handle was permanently attached to the bolt on early MP 38s, but on late production MP 38s and MP 40s, the bolt handle was made as a separate part. It also served as a safety by pushing the head of the handle into one of two separate notches above the main opening; this action locked the bolt either in the cocked (rear) or uncocked (forward) position. The absence of this feature on early MP 38s resulted in field expedients such as leather harnesses with a small loop that were used to hold the bolt in the forward position. The MP 38 receiver was made of machined steel, but this was a time-consuming and expensive process. To save time and materials, and thus increase production, construction of the MP 40 receiver was simplified by using stamped steel and electro-spot welding as much as possible. The MP 38 also features longitudinal grooving on the receiver and bolt, as well as a circular opening on the magazine housing. These features were eliminated on the MP 40. Contact information is: James Eley, FFL/SOT email: guns@eley.us text/cell: 614-537-3539 Located in Columbus, Ohio
  2. Spare Group Industries bolt from a full auto conversion gun. Has clearance for semi receivers. All NFA rules apply. SOLD PENDING FUNDS. Jim Eley, EleyArms LLC guns@eley.us text 614-537-3539
  3. WTB: MP40, MP38 and MP44 parts kit

    I have a MP38 parts kit I bought long ago. All matching except barrel. It was and iPod demilitarized and should be simple to reweld. If interested I’d feel better discussing it by phone. Jim 614-537-3539.
  4. WTB Tokarev Pistol

    Got one if still interested. Email me jimEle.us.
  5. WTB: HK G36K or G36

    I just sold a g36K today that came out of the HK demo room. If the deal Falls through I’ll be in touch. It’s marked “HK Demo Only”. The 50 mag is included.
  6. WTB M16A2

    Got one. How interest? Got a Shrike upper for it too, if you want one. Text me either way: Jim eley 614-537-3539. FFL/SOT Columbus.
  7. WTB M2HB

    I have a nice M2HB semi put together by TNC. Got spare barrels, tripod T&E, RARE Red Dot Scope for the 50BMG. Only one I’ve seen. May have most or all of the AA M63 Mount.. Spacing gage, military issue cleaning kit, gloves, user manuals...the whole lot. I even have some SLAP tracer for it. Look it up if you don’t know what it is. 30 cal tungsten round coming out of a 50 big at around 4000 FPS. Will only work on 50BMG without brakes. If you are serious and not pinching pennies, this could be a great opportunity. Please humor me with some sort of response. Jim Eley text: 614-537-3539. Of course if you don’t want a deuce, thee”s always a Barrett M82A1 in semi with a RARE 20 round mag, (I own the rights to the 20 round mag) “U.S. issued and marked” and was one of the 1st hundred guns sent to the origami Persian Gulf conflict witht the U.S. marine Corp. .P.S.: Even the little girl Got a kick shooting the deuce.
  8. WTB : Marlin 1918 flash hider

    Check with Bill Guiette. He custom makes the. He did my Wincheater.
  9. Post sample Thompson

    Got one. It was a 1927 converted to a 1928 by Guiette. Let me know if interested by text @ 614-537-3539. Jim Eley Columbus.
  10. I have a kit but just need to find it. Let me know if you find one so I can stop looking. guns@eley.us.
  11. WTB: MP40 and Sten

    Interested or not?
  12. Post sample guns

    Didn’t bother to reply. Guess you didn’t like my assortment.
  13. Wtb-. Pre may m2 carbine

    I’ve got a nice Postie M2 Carbine in the listing below yours. It’s an Inland.
  14. I have this one for $4200 plus $50 to ship. Serial number is FAP650. The Madsen M-50, 1950 or M/50 is a 9mm submachine gun introduced in 1950. It was produced by the Danish company Dansk Industri Syndikat of Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was otherwise known as Madsen after its founder Vilhelm Herman Oluf Madsen. The M-50 has a unique clamshell design that opens up by removing the barrel nut. Cycle rate is 550 rnds/min. Uses 32 round straight stick mags. 2 mags provided. The gun for sale is the one pictured below. Form 3 Efile apps are currently taking 1-3 days. This is a keeper for retiring SOTs. First to commit by email or text gets it. Jim Eley, EleyArms, Columbus OH 43235 email: guns@eleyarms.com text: 614-537-3539. L
  15. Looking to sell a number of my Pre-May Dealer Samples. Priced as marked. Not interested in trades Transfers will be submitted via eforms, which should run around 3 days. Let me know if you have any questions. Additional photos to be added. Shipping and insurance extra. First to commit in writing takes priority. PreMay Thompson Auto Ordnance Bridgeport M1A1 45ACP "U.S. Property" - SPF Looks New! PreMay Ithaca “U.S.” Marked M3A1 Grease Gun 45ACP "U.S." - $12k M3 and M3A1 submachine gun The M3 is an American.45-caliber submachine gun adopted for U.S. Army service on 12 December 1942, as the United States Submachine Gun, Cal..45, M3. The M3 was chambered for the same.45 ACP round fired by the Thompson submachine gun, but was cheaper to produce and lighter, although, contrary to popular belief, it was less accurate. This myth stems from a US Army training film portraying the M3 as more accurate than its counterparts. The M3 was commonly referred to as the "Grease Gun" or simply "the Greaser," owing to its visual similarity to the mechanic's tool. The M3 was intended as a replacement for the Thompson, and began to enter front line service in mid 1944. Due to delays caused by production issues and approved specification changes, the M3 saw limited combat use in World War II. The M3A1 variant was used in the Korean War and later conflicts.Wikipedia Type:Submachine gun Place of origin:United States In service:1943–present Used by:See Users Wars:World War II, Chinese Civil War, Greek Civil War, First Indochina War, Korean War, Cuban Revolution, Algerian War, Bay of Pigs Invasion, Vietnam War, The Troubles, Laotian Civil War, Malayan Emergency, Sino-Indian War, Communist insurgency in Malaysia (1968–1989), Rhodesian Bush War, Cambodian Civil War, Turkish invasion of Cyprus, Shaba II, Cambodian–Vietnamese War, Sino-Vietnamese War, Salvadoran Civil War, Argentine Dirty War, Falklands War, Soviet–Afghan War, Iran–Iraq War, Persian Gulf War, Moro conflict, Burundi Civil War, Kosovo War, War in Afghanistan, Iraq War, Syrian Civil War Designer:George Hyde Designed:1942 Manufacturer:General Motors, IthacaProduced:1943–1945, early 1950s Number built:48,669 M3A1 Variants:M3A1, PAM1, PAM2 Weight:M3A1 (empty): 7.95 lb (3.61 kg) Length:29.1 in (739.14 mm) stock extended / 21.9 in (556.26 mm) stock collapsed Barrel length:8 in (203.2 mm) Cartridge:45 ACP (11.43x23 mm) Action:Blowback, open bolt Rate of fire:450 rounds/min cyclic Muzzle velocity:920 ft/s Effective firing range:Sights fixed to 100 yd (91.44 m) Feed system:30-round detachable box magazine Sights:Fixed rear peep sight and blade foresight, calibrated to 100 yards for .45 Cal M1911 ball ammunition NFA Dealers only. Thanks. Jim Eley, 07/SOT email: guns@eley.us text 614-537-3539 EleyArms LLC, Columbus Oh