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  1. I know Jim no longer makes the 7.62x39 conversion kits for the Japanese 99 lmg kits but I was wondering what they are selling for now if you can find one. Thanks in advance Glenn O
  2. Belt-fed Question

    I own several belt fed machine guns. My first was the 1917a1 browning water cooled. Its true its heavy and it is a pain in the butt packing the barrel water glands.They do leak water when you shoot them. When you do shoot them the cool factor is amazing. People love water cooled machine guns they are like a piece of art. Another thing about the browning 1917a1. Parts are numerous and mine is chambered in 30 06, 308, and 8mm. It does not matter what ammo you shove in the pipe of that gun it goes bang Alabama ordnance made make a video that described how to set timing head space and every other aspect of the gun. Cant go wrong with a browning just my two cents. Glenn O.
  3. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    My first belt fed was a browning 1917a1 water cooled. Its a great gun. I have it configured to 8mm also have 308 barrel. It runs like a top, lots of spare parts available There is a cd by I think its by Alabama arms that shows a person how to maintain and field strip the 1919 and 1917a1. The 1917a1 barrel glands are some what tricky at first to get right but with practice not a problem. People love the classic look of the water cooled. Once again the gun is very reliable and goes bang every time I pull the trigger. Remember lots of cleaning on a belt fed weapon that is why they call belt feds crew served weapons. Takes a crew to maintain them. Good luck in your choice. Ps. The 1917a1 is the weapon Gunnery Sgt. Basilone USMC. used to blast a couple hundred Japanese soldiers on Guadalcanal and won the congressional medal of honor.
  4. WTK: Repro Japanese Type 92 HMG Wrench?

    General Todd, Is there any chance you guys would make a barrel for the Japanese type 92 hmg. I know it would cost alot but I would be interested. Thanks Glenn O
  5. WTK: Repro Japanese Type 92 HMG Wrench?

    Harry, I was wondering if I could call you sometime and discuss the type 92 hmg I own one also. If you dont mind and would like to chat email me your phone number thanks Glenn O.
  6. WTK: Repro Japanese Type 92 HMG Wrench?

    I bought a pair of the stainless steel gas screws from John Keene and I thought thats who made my reproduction barrel wrench. Dont quote me on the wrench though. I got it from gunbroker. John had the gas screws made and they look really nice hope this helps. Glenn O.
  7. Need phone number for Jim Langley Congress, AZ

    I spoke to Jim yesterday. Thank You
  8. I need to the phone number for jim langley of Congress, Az. I have a japanese machine gun question for him. Thanks in advance Glenn O.
  9. Yugo m-49 VS romanian 8mm ?

    James, I do remember the 1950 s yugo had a bad reputation in full autos and I have avoided that ammo. The yugo I am refering to is the 70s ammo thety are selling now. I guess ill just get romanian and stick with that. Thanks for your help. Glenn O
  10. Yugo m-49 VS romanian 8mm ?

    I have a Browning 1917a1 configured in 8mm. I have run lots of 70s romanian ammo through it without a problem . I need to buy some ammo and I see the yugo is cheaper. Which is the best ammo?. I hate to buy the yugo and have lots of duds thanks Glenn O.
  11. German MP-40 Jamming ???

    Sorry for the delay but I bought some like new mp40 magazines from poland. I also used a hotter 9mm and oiled the heck out of the action with LSA. I also shot the older magazine that I bent the lips on and it shot all the magazine except the last round and it jammed. I tryed the new magazines and it ran like a sewing machine no jams. What a joy to shoot. I love it. Thanks for all the replies and help. Glenn O.
  12. German MP-40 Jamming ???

    Thanks for all the responses. I am going to try some different types of ammo. I also ordered a few different magazines. I also field striped the weapon last night and lubed it down with some lsa lube. I also took the ejector out of the bolt for the first time and it had a bunch of old burnt powder and grease packed in the slot and on the back of the ejector. I don't know if that effects anything but its clean now. Glenn O
  13. German MP-40 Jamming ???

    They appear to be hitting the bottom of the breech. Also what ammo would you suggest. Also how do you adjust the feed lips?. Thanks for your help Glenn O. Also I will lube it up better and try again.
  14. German MP-40 Jamming ???

    I just got my original german mp-40. I took it out to shoot and had issues. It only came with one magazine and it is marked mp-41. The weapon does not seem to eject the brass all the way and it lands back in the tube and jams the gun (does not do that all the time also you pull the trigger and it shoves a bullet into the face of the chamber and fails to feed the bullet into the chamber. Alos the bullet gets crammed back into the brass case. I am using winchester white box 9mm. Any help or sugestions would be appriciated. I also might add it jammed twice the last magazine then emptied the rest of the magazine like a champ with no jams Thanks Glenn O.
  15. What was your first major Machine Gun Shoot?

    My first shoot was about 5 years ago. I rented a range spot at the Oklahoma full auto shoot and trade show in wyandote, Oklahoma. next year I rented two spots and have been going back ever since. My son loves it and its one of the highlights of the summer. I need to go to knob creek just to say I have been there. I love the shoots and encourage people to attend who never been to one. Its a blast and lots of fun.