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  1. Wtb: AUG bolt assy., & SIG 3-pos fcg

    Message sent on AUG bolt
  2. M16 replacement lower parts kit

    I have some Colt M16A1 fire control groups. I have some like new Colt 3 position selectors too. I'm in Pflugerville not too far from you. Message me if I can help.
  3. Maybe this guy will sell you a spare spring
  4. WTB: QD muzzle device for Bushmaster Carbon Rifle

    May be worth contact JSE Surplus. I think they bought out the remainder of those parts from Bushmaster like:
  5. WTS Daewoo Rifle Parts

    i'm the person that has the daewoo grips. i'm currently out of stock at the moment but i can let you know when i get some back in stock. they are each cast by hand so they take some time.
  6. WTB: Colt Sp1 SN: SP05600 to SP08249

    That serial range is way too early for a carbine. They weren't introduced until the mid 80s. I have SP073xx if you're interested. Shoot me an offer. Used in original configuration.
  7. Daewoo DR200 pistol grip wanted

    Message sent
  8. Help identify 9mm magazine

    Hi Point C995 Magazine
  9. only 604 ones left.
  10. 604 parkerized carriers w/ chrome gas keys - $125
  11. This a Colt M16A1 fire control group. These are take offs from 1970s era Colt M16s. These have the Colt stamps on the parts prior to Colt subcontracting them out. These are all the correct period grey. You will receive a no tick selector, full auto hammer, full auto disconnector and full auto trigger. $75 + shipping
  12. WTS - Colt M16 Fire Control Group - $75

  13. WTS - Colt M16 Fire Control Group - $75

    bump, still have some available.
  14. bump, still have some of each available.
  15. WTS - Colt M16 Fire Control Group - $75

  16. bump, still have some of each available.
  17. WTB: Colt Sp1 SN: SP05600 to SP08249

    No factory SP1s had forward assists. They were all slicksides. Some colts after the SP1 like the SPORTER II still had the slabside Colt SP1 style lower and they had the A1 uppers w/ forward assists. They were also large hole so you could take a SPORTER II upper and put it on a SP1 lower if you wanted the SP1 markings.
  18. WTS - Colt M16 Fire Control Group - $75

  19. Yep still available. I have a few of each. $6.50 will cover priority mail w/ tracking for multiple ones. insurance extra if you want more than the $50 from usps. Message me your info
  20. These are original from early Colts. Colt did not start marking them with a C stamp until 68/69 when GM and H&R got M16A1 contracts.