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  1. Non factual internet "news items" like this piece of work published by Justin Koski at Western Journalism do nothing to further the education of non firearms folks on existing federal firearms laws. Crap like this just adds fuel to the fire. Those with twitter accounts will find his info so, feel free to let Mr. Koski know your thoughts.
  2. For Sale Anderson Manufacturing 5.56 NATO AR/M4 Carbine $475.00 plus $25.00 shipped to your FFL Dealer $475.00 Without Rear Sight, Ships with one aluminum 30 round magazine where not restricted by state or local regulation Do not be fooled by the low price, these rifles are high quality, expertly built and 100% American Made! Built from Anderson Manufacturing, Dez Arms and UTG parts and components Comes with the BST Lifetime Warranty (If anything goes wrong with your BST built rifle, during the time that you own it, we will replace or repair it at no charge, Guaranteed) Anderson Manufacturing Made In USA AM-15 Forged 7075-T6 Lower Receiver 5.56/.223 Lower Parts Kit A3 Forged 7075 T6 Upper Receiver M4 16" military grade AISI 4150 chrome moly 1:9 bbl with bbl extension and bbl nut A2 Style Flash Hider Carbine Length Double Heat Shield Handguard AR-15 Semi Auto bolt Carrier, bolt and firing pin AR-15 charging handle made from 7075 T6 aluminum forging Upper Parts Kit 304 Stainless SteelCarbine length gas tube Delta Ring, Weldon Spring and Snap Ring UTG MADE IN USA Detachable Compact Rear Sight w/Full W/E Adjustment 6 Position Mil Spec Polymer Stock Assembly Mil Spec buffer, 7075-T6 6 Position buffer tube, end plate, buffer, buffer spring and castle nut Made In USA DEZ Arms Made In USA DEZ-1035-GB A Frame Front Sight Base Gas Block A2 front Sight and Bayonet Lug (installs with 5 set screws and no machining) Weight: 6 lbs, 7 oz empty Length: 32-14" retracted, 36-1/4" extended Payment methods: Credit Card with NO FEE Call us at 812-744-5283 9am-9pm EST to order
  3. Red Flag Customer Questions (dealer input please)

    I received (off line) FFL dealer input and all give the same advice. For all of you non dealers who gave input here, I thought it would be helpful to let you know a couple of things. FFLs report to ATF field agents not local law enforcement agencies. In this case the local LE has no authority to investigate since it could be a possible NFA violation, which falls under the jurisdiction of ATF Criminal Enforcement. Additionally, ATF field agents' responsibilities are mostly field operations such as FFL compliance inspections and new dealer interviews. ATF field offices have special agents who are Criminal Enforcement and those are the folks who would conduct investigations in cases like this, if reported. As far as profiling, my policy is as follows: "Our firearms are available for purchase by eligible US citizens who can read, speak and comprehend the English Language. All other folks can buy elsewhere." We FFLs are permitted to transfer firearms to nonimmigrant aliens admitted to legally hunt, foreign diplomats, officials and LE, and permanent resident aliens (green card holders) Fortunately, we can also decline to sell and transfer firearms to anyone for no reason given whatsoever. So, there's no opportunity for pulling any "profiling card" If you order a rifle from us, you'll have to have a live telephonic discussion about it first. We are not interested in shipping out as many rifles as we can to anyone clicking a box on a web site. I had a person who could not comprehend simple instructions which were emailed to them concerning current lead times, tell me recently, "That's ridiculous. What if S&W had a sales policy like that?" I told him that if he bought a rifle from S&W, he wouldn't be buying it from us now would he… It's my company and that's the way I have chosen to operate it.
  4. While answering questions about the function and necessity of an AR15 front gas block by a customer over the phone, he got very agitated and defensive accusing me of not wanting to sell him an AR15 due to him having an accent. All I had told him was that if he didn't know what the A2 style FGB/front sight was for, then perhaps he should take some time to educate himself (google it) and then call us back. He later gathered his composure, apologized and said he'd check that out along with some of the other firearms available on our web site and get back with us. After he had obviously digested the product information on our site, he emailed me the following question about our 7.62 x 39 AR15. Would it be as easy to make this gun automatic as it is an AK47? This guy doesn't know what a front gas block is for on an AR15 yet obviously knows that it is easy to convert an AK? And obviously has expressed the interest in / information on converting an AR15 from me, a licensed dealer. I am thinking that he should be reported to the ATF Criminal Investigative Branch. What say you Licensed Firearms Dealers? We do have responsibilities when it comes to incidents like this, I'd like to get some of our fellow FFL's input.