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  1. A great piece up for grabs right here! This is an UNFIRED safe queen Daniel Defense DDM4-V9 5.56cal Carbine in the rare Tornado Gray finish. The V9 has the 15” slim DDM4 Quadrail Handguard and 16” S2W profile barrel (NOT the lightweight pencil barrel). There are VERY few V9’s with the 15” QR in Tornado Gray out there. Very cool variant. It will ship in the original DD hard case inside the factory box. Selling this to fund another project and the selling price is below what dealer cost on these were and, as you probably already know, this model is NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM DD! $1399 shipped to the lower 48 states. NO TRADES. Will NOT ship to any where these are restricted! **BE SURE YOUR FFL IS OK WITH RECEIVING A FIREARM FROM AN INDIVIDUAL!!! Thanks for looking! -Tony
  2. WTS WWII Sav / NAC Thompson 1928A1...

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  3. WTS WWII Sav / NAC Thompson 1928A1...

    As of this morning, all messages have been answered. And thank you all for your interest. I’ve been asked how many NAC marked ‘28A1’s there are in existence. I don’t know if there’s a definite answer to this question although the 2 TSG enthusiasts that I’ve reached out to have said its believed to be as few as 100, up to as many as 200. If anyone has anything to add to that estimate, you can feel free to post it up here. As I’ve said previously, I do NOT want to misrepresent anything about this amazing piece. What we do know is this is one of the more interesting and rare sub-variants of the TSG I’ve also gotten several messages about what it would take to buy the gun right now, bottom dollar. I think the gun is already priced more than fairly for what it is based off recent sale prices for WWII Savage TSG’s (even without being NAC guns) but I still wanna try to be fair and flexible. Having said that, I’ll let it go for $27,500 UNDER THE CONDITION that the buyer covers the $200 transfer to his dealer (or to himself if he’s a VA resident) as well as all shipping fees. I KNOW this price is well below actual value on this. I’ve also just listed this on Gunbroker. At a higher price as GB fees will be over $1000 on it. ** PLEASE NOTE: I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PAY A SALES COMMISSION TO ANYONE WITH THE GUN BEING SOLD AT THIS PRICE OR IF IT SELLS ON GB ** Time to see how serious you guys are! Please message me if you’d like to make arrangements to buy (or call if you have my number from our messages). Thanks! -Tony
  4. WTS WWII Sav / NAC Thompson 1928A1...

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  5. WTS WWII Sav / NAC Thompson 1928A1...

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  6. WTS WWII Sav / NAC Thompson 1928A1...

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  7. WTS WWII Sav / NAC Thompson 1928A1...

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  8. WTS WWII Sav / NAC Thompson 1928A1...

    Monday night BUMP!! I will listen to any reasonable offers for this piece. Will be posting on GB and Subguns soon. Wanted to try here first. Thx. -Tony
  9. WTS WWII Sav / NAC Thompson 1928A1...

  10. For sale is a nice fully-transferable WWII Thompson 1928A1 submachine gun. Even though I’ve been into machine guns my entire life (as a lot of you on here know) and I’ve owned a couple of Thompson’s, I’m don’t consider myself a Thompson aficionado. For this reason, I enlisted the help of a true Thompson collector/enthusiast and former board member of the Thompson Collectors Association to help me get an accurate accounting of this gun and it’s value. Below is his description after seeing detailed pics of the gun: This is a WWII Model of 1928A1 Savage Thompson submachinegun that was re-imported sometime in the 50’s or 60’s by Numrich Arms Corporation. Numrich added their initials, NAC, to the end of the Savage serial number on the receiver and trigger frame. Both numbers match. There are not a lot of transferable WWII guns that had the NAC suffix added, so this is a nice collectible variation. All of the appropriate inspection marks are present, and the overall finish is very good. It comes with both vertical and horizontal foregrips, a very nice second generation Worcester L-drum (circa 1930), two 20-round box magazines, and its WWII black crinkle finish oiler bottle. This is the nicest variant/specimen of a true WWII ‘28A1 I’ve had the privilege of selling in the entire time I’ve dealt with mg’s. The gun is currently on a Form 4 in Virginia. I’m listing this at $28,999 based off information from the last Rock Island auction where similar guns not as nice as this one went for $29-32K. If you know something I don’t as to why I’m out of the ballpark on the list price, you can feel free to PM me. Also, if any dealer on here has a buyer and puts me in touch with them and they buy the gun FOR THE LIST PRICE, I will pay YOU a $1000 cash sales commission for simply putting the buyer in touch with me. TERMS: 100% payment required to start the transfer to your FFL/SOT. Will provide copies of ATF docs so you will know things are in the works. Message me any questions and I’ll reply promptly. For those of you who don’t know me personally, please feel free to check references on me. I’ve been around forever and proudly, I’ve NEVER had an unhappy buyer. **I have many more pics for anyone SERIOUSLY interested.** -Tony Lawson
  11. WTS Kimber CDP Pro 45acp 1911

  12. Very clean pre-owned Kimber CDP Pro in 45acp. $699 FIRM + $20 shipping to your FFL. Payment to be by US Postal Money or discreet PayPal Friends/Family payment (or add 3% for std discreet PayPal payment with fees). Tons of references available. NO TRADES.
  13. Mint in the box, never out of the house. I mounted it loosely on a rifle to look at it but it's too big for the rifle. No ring marks whatsoever, absolutely perfect. Comes as shown with box, manual, & 3" sunshade. New cost was just under $1200 shipped. Wanna sell quick. Will sell for $850 + $15 shipping. Payment by USPS M/O or PayPal Friends/Family or std PayPal (add 3%). Great chance to get a piece of high-end glass for cheap. This is a giveaway price. Check around on it. Thx for looking. NO TRADES T.
  14. WTS TPM Outfitters MP5K-PDW SBR Clone

    Still here guys. $3000 plus $30 shipping. An absolute steal. TL
  15. WTS New TPM Outfitters MP5-A3 Navy SBR H&K Clone

    Still here guys. $3000 plus $30 shipping. An absolute steal. TL