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  1. Pics of the swag that comes with the gun. A total of nine 5.56 mags (including 6 NIB factory Ruger mags, 3-30’s and 3-20’s) and the Ciener 22LR Conversion Kit with two 30rd mags. -TL
  2. As long as it’s a Friends/Family payment, yes.
  3. NIB X Products X-15 50rd 9mm Drum Mag for Colt-pattern Submachine Guns, AR Rifles, and AR Pistols. No longer available from X Products for the Colt type lowers. $300 + shipping. ONLY 1 AVAILABLE! Will only ship where legal. -TL
  4. Transferables: Colt M16A1, MP5A3, Uzi, Mac 10...

    Have had several questions about transfer times for Form 4’s going from an individual to an SOT. Just got one back in 5 weeks. -TL
  5. Transferables: Colt M16A1, MP5A3, Uzi, Mac 10...

    All PM’s have been answered. And I appreciate all the interest. Most have been on the MP5. Let me say this about that gun: when sear packs ALONE are legit bringing $30k-$32K and this is a Curtis Higgins-built MP5 made from an original HK94 in this type of condition and we’re throwing in an AWC can, all for $34K? This is a helluva deal today but in a year or two from now when you look back, you’ll know it was more of a steal than just a deal. Somebody’s gonna be really happy when they get this one and some others will only wish they had. You know who you are. Pull the trigger. Let’s go! Lol. -TL
  6. Here’s your chance to get a quality, affordable 5.56cal MG. This is a very clean Ruger AC556F Machinegun with 4 pos selector (safe-semi-3rd burst-full auto) and will come with nine 5.56cal mags, 2 stocks (the factory Ruger folding stock and a Choate full-length pistolgrip stock) and a Ciener 22 Conversion Kit with two 30rd mags. $12000 plus shipping to your SOT. Terms are 100% payment up front to start the transfer. **PLEASE NOTE: these are just stock photos. Message me your email address and I’ll send you pics of the actual gun but it doesn’t look any different, very clean gun. Plenty of references available for those who don’t know me. TL
  7. Transferables: Colt M16A1, MP5A3, Uzi, Mac 10...

    The Colt M16A1 is sold. All the others are still available at this time. -TL
  8. Transferables: Colt M16A1, MP5A3, Uzi, Mac 10...

    All messages have been answered. Thx. -TL
  9. All 4 guns have been safe queens for 30 yrs and are in amazing, like new condition and are on Form 4’s in VA. PRICES ARE FIRM! Terms: 100% payment up-front to start the transfer. First $200 transfer fee to buyers SOT will be covered in purchase price provided buyer/SOT is outside of VA. Colt M16A1....$24000.00 HK MP5A3, Registered Sear Gun, S&H build, SEF Trigger Group, comes with a mint condition AWC CQB Suppressor....$34,000.00 Group Ind Uzi, Reg in 9mm/45/22 and includes the conversion kits for each caliber....$16000.00 Ingram / Powder Springs Mac 10, 45acp...$7500. Don’t miss out on these, they’re priced to sell. Tons of references available for those who don’t already know me. Thanks for looking.
  10. A great piece up for grabs right here! This is an UNFIRED safe queen Daniel Defense DDM4-V9 5.56cal Carbine in the rare Tornado Gray finish. The V9 has the 15” slim DDM4 Quadrail Handguard and 16” S2W profile barrel (NOT the lightweight pencil barrel). There are VERY few V9’s with the 15” QR in Tornado Gray out there. Very cool variant. It will ship in the original DD hard case inside the factory box. Selling this to fund another project and the selling price is below what dealer cost on these were and, as you probably already know, this model is NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM DD! $1399 shipped to the lower 48 states. NO TRADES. Will NOT ship to any where these are restricted! **BE SURE YOUR FFL IS OK WITH RECEIVING A FIREARM FROM AN INDIVIDUAL!!! Thanks for looking! -Tony
  11. WTS WWII Sav / NAC Thompson 1928A1...

    Bump it!