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  1. I checked back with Mike at DS Arms. He told me that the part that fit was the Metric butt pad. Part #100H. So, for all the other Namibian buttstock pads out there falling apart, there's your fix. Lane
  2. I got the Buttpads from DSA in this morning's mail. Cannot tell which one is the Metric pad and which is the X-Stock pad as there are no part numbers. But, I think the X-Stock pad is the one that fit. The other was close, but wouldn't fit without trimming the buttstock itself. I'll try to find out from DSA which one is which so I can document the correct one here. Both pads. I feel the pad on the right is the X-Stock. Subtle difference between the two. Flip sides. X-Stock pad (?) almost ready to install. Pad installed. Very nice fit. Good for another 20 years! I couldn't ask for a better replacement part. Thanks Buddy! Lane
  3. I called DSA and they suggested ordering the Metric AND DSA X-Stock buttpads and return the one I don't use. So, got them ordered and will report back on the results. Thanks, Buddy. Lane
  4. Buddy, yes, it's worth a try. For $20 plus shipping, might work. I may call DSA to see what they think first. Thanks, Lane
  5. I have an HK-91 (clone) with a Namibian stock set I found and installed 20 years ago. It has a plastic buttpad that has just fallen apart. In other words it is just disintegrating over time. I've looked on the several H&K parts sources and have found nothing. Does anyone know of a replacement buttpad or where I can find one? Doesn't appear to be anywhere close to a factory HK-91 buttstock/buttpad, so no help there. I'll get a photo soon. Thanks, LaneC
  6. I think this has gotten off to the idea that someone is going to illegally create a machine gun. This is not the case at all. The person that is suggesting the conversion to the M1A owner is a licensed C3 guy who runs a legitimate business. Based on what I was told, the end result was unclear to me, but, there's lots of things about the NFA world I am ignorant of, to be sure. My main question was, what would category would the rifle be in AFTER any such modification for a so-called registered auto-sear. I feel sure that we all know such items (auto-sears) are NFA controlled and one better have all the paperwork to possess one. But, could the rifle (by itself) still be sold as any other semi-auto rifle or would it require some NFA papers to be sold? Or, would it require papers to even modify before hand such as SBR conversion? Personally, I refuse to enter into the NFA world because of all the sticky wickets such as this, as a "little" knowledge is dangerous. Besides, my pockets aren't that deep! ha
  7. I know what I was told, but not sure my friend does! haha. He definitely said M1A. Maybe his gunsmith told him wrong. Who knows? The whole conversation was strange to me, that's why I questioned it. I suggested for him to buy a transferable M16 and have fun.
  8. Maximized, I don't have any details, as it's not my rifle and not my interest to do this. His C3 gunsmith told him he could convert his rifle to full auto. I told him that's been illegal since 1986. Only MG's registered prior to that date were legal to own. Conversions from semi-to-auto might be legal for PD's or Gov't outfits, but they fall under some other set of laws. He then told me it's a "registered drop-in sear" conversion for his M1A. Anyway, I told him that couldn't be sold a a regular Semi-Auto M1A any more. But, guess I'm wrong on that one. And like you not sure I am aware of an auto-sear conversion for that rifle. Thanks for your input. Now, how do I like my crow served? haha
  9. Talking to a friend about him having his M1A converted to an auto-sear ready rifle by a C3 dealer. After he gets this done, and without the registered auto-sear, is this an NFA weapon from that point forward? Or can it be sold like any other semi-auto M1A rifle? I told him it would be an NFA weapon, so, may have to eat crow here. Ha. Thanks. Did a search here, but didn't find that question addressed.
  10. Question was asked if this was Weaver Standard or Picitinny Standard. It's Weaver as the only difference is the spacing of the lugs. Still have it and make offer if interested.
  11. Chest rig sold PF. Mags still open for offers. Sold and delivered the Chest Rig. Mags still open for sale. Had an offer or two, but way less than I paid for them 20 years ago. I would dare say original Colt 9mm mags with metal followers and parkerized finish with no date stamps are hard to find these days, especially in near new condition.
  12. I'll consider offers for the individual mags and Eagle Chest rig.
  13. This is a near new condition Armscorp M1A all steel scope mount. Weighs almost a pound. It's solid. Marked as ARMSCORP USA BALT MD. Payment is USPS MO's please. $95 shipped to the lower 48 states.
  14. Six almost new 32 round mags and Eagle chest rig. No dates nor any other markings except on the mag bottoms. Very nice set of mags that are pre-ban. I have personally owned these for the last 20-25 years. Sold my AR-15 and now selling the mags. All 6 mags and chest rig for $750 shipped to lower 48 no-ban states. The chest rig is from the original Eagle Industries before they sold out. Payment is US Postal Service Money Orders only, please. I am not new to Strum and have bought and sold here for a number of years. Same user name.