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  1. Another lot sent out; Thanks. Have 3 lots left!
  2. Replied to you PM. Thanks
  3. Replied to PM with needed info. Thx
  4. PM's replied to / lots shipped out. Thank you! Have 4 lots left
  5. PM with info sent to you. Thanks
  6. Message with info sent. Thanks
  7. No, that is a large amount with weight. They go out in a heavy box weighing 23lbs.
  8. Messages replied to; 2 lots shipped out. Thanks Have 6 lots left.
  9. Selling M27 Links in 5,000 link lots that are in good condition (once fired / cleaned). Works in SAW's / Shrikes / MME 23's. Have sold a few million with positive feedback. 150.00 per lot; plus 20.00 shipping (23lbs) in USPS priority large package. Accept PayPal as gift-friend (or add 4 percent) / checks (allow clearance time) / Money Orders. Currently have 8 lots left
  10. WTS: 5,000 M27-SAW Links / $150.00

    PM's responded and batches sent out. Have 1 left. Thank you
  11. WTS: 5,000 M27-SAW Links / $150.00

    All PM's responded to you and batches sent out. Still have a few more. Thank you and Happy New Years
  12. WTS: 5,000 M27-SAW Links / $150.00

    PM's replied; have 6 batches left. Happy Holidays!
  13. WTS: 5,000 M27-SAW Links / $150.00

    Message sent, replied and in process of delivering. Thanks Frank!
  14. WTS: 5,000 M27-SAW Links / $150.00

    All PM's answered and deliveries sent out. Still have more lots. Thanks
  15. Galil Serial Number question

    This is an easy question; as I have many Galils and spent a lot of time doing research - taking to many people all over. Your 16inch barreled Action Arms "ARM model" import is probably 1987. Just look at the date code on the barrel. Depending where it is on the rotation (down by where it screws into the receiver); you might have to take the hand guard, along with the gas tube off. It has either a 86 or 87 or 88 (I betting it is 87'. Let us know what you got; along with any other questions.