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  1. Just wanted to give an update since I have gotten some requests in the last few weeks. I am still waiting to get the links; which are down the road from me and they have a very large amount; but are also mixed with other clean caliber links and need to be separated. That is not a high priority to them right now; but I will get more; as I have sold over 2 million in the last few years. I will update when they are in my possession; which will be soon.. Thanks for your patience.
  2. Yes there are available. Send me a PM on how many lots you need. Thanks
  3. PM sent with requested info. Thanks
  4. All responded to and PMed. Lots shipped out this morning. Thanks for the business. Received some more; but will be out of office for a week.
  5. I have one left for now; since I just unloaded a few more. Sent you a PM. Thanks!
  6. Shipped out another lot; Thank you! Still have some left if anyone has interest. Thanks
  7. Responded to messages. Still have some lots. Thanks for the business.
  8. Another lot shipped out. Thank you for the business. Have more available! Thanks Again!
  9. Have some more available lots to sell; that are ready to ship. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing. Thanks!
  10. Another lot sent out; Thanks. Have 3 lots left!
  11. Replied to you PM. Thanks
  12. Replied to PM with needed info. Thx
  13. PM's replied to / lots shipped out. Thank you! Have 4 lots left
  14. PM with info sent to you. Thanks