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  1. Looking for a new/like new factory Colt M-16 A1 (small holes) 16"barrel upper receiver with gray finish. Thanks Renterprise80@yahoo.com
  2. Please email me at Renterprise80@yahoo.com. Thank you
  3. MP 40 Parts

    Email sent
  4. I tried contacting you several times about the AK 74 without response.
  5. I'm interested in the Sig 553 please email me at: Renterprise80@yahoo.com
  6. So he sold it never responded to emails or listed it as sold? Sounds like a good guy to deal with to me!
  7. Thanks Several emails yet still no response! It's been over a week now ! Perhaps i have too high of expectations.
  8. HK94 for Sale $4500

    Can you please email me at Renterprise80@yahoo.com
  9. Thanks another person who posts want to sell and refuses to answer emails.
  10. Any chance of responding to my emails?
  11. Please email me at Renterprise80@yahoo.com
  12. WTS Russian AK-74 : SGL31 LNIB

    Thank you for NEVER responding to my post!
  13. WTS Russian AK-74 : SGL31 LNIB

    Stated I'll take it but you never respond. I can mail payment out over night. Renterprise80@yahoo.com