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  1. WTS HK94 9mm Carbine

    I'm interested Please send me an email at: Renterprise80@yahoo.com
  2. retracted

    I left my email address so you could contact me I thought you were the seller not me. I undesrtand that you might be too busy to send an email. It's unfortunate that you never sent me an email since I'm only 40 minutes away from you. A face to face is always easier than shipping.
  3. retracted

    Not sure why your advertising on this site when you never respond to your messages. Thanks i had cash in hand!
  4. retracted

    I'm interested in the SVT my email is:renterprise80@yahoo.com
  5. retracted

    Thank you for the email.
  6. retracted

    Have a question can you please email me at: renterprise80@yahoo.com
  7. Please email me at renterprise80@yahoo.com .
  8. Please send me an email to renterprise80@yahoo.com.I have a few questions. Thanks
  9. spf

    I left a message I have a few questions. Renterprise80@yahoo.com
  10. I'm looking for a new or like new STG 58 FAL steel handguard set.
  11. RPK, DSA STG58, Bushmaster Lowers

    Can you please email me at renterprise80@yahoo.com. I have a few questions. Thanks
  12. Please email me at renterprise80@yahoo.com I have a few questions.
  13. Please email me at renterprise80@Yahoo.com. I'm interested in the Colt BCG with serrations.
  14. WTB:WW2 German MG34 items

    WTB the following WW2 German MG 34 items in exc condition: Original set of Leather Lafette pads. AA Extension pole with cradle for Lafyette mount. Basket carrier with two drums. Optics box. Carry strap for optics box. Any other unique or hard to find accessories for the MG34. Thanks Roger Renterprise80@yahoo.com