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  1. I'm looking for a new or like new factory HK SR9 handguard. Thanks If you have one please email :Classiccorvette1967@yahoo.com
  2. Pm sent Classiccorvette1967@yahoo.com
  3. I'm looking for the factory Galil cleaning kit that came with the rifles. Additionally I'm looking for the paperwork that was shipped with the guns when purchased new, warranty card etc. Thanks Classiccorvette1967@yahoo.com
  4. WTB: New or like new factory HK G3/91 retractable stock. Must be blue-gray finish in-order to match IB date code rifle HK91. Thanks Classiccorvette1967@yahoo.com
  5. MG34 Lafette tripod

    Im sent about Lafayette and other parts. Let me know what you have abd what you want for them. Classiccorvette1967@yahoo.com
  6. WTB: Factory HK SR9 items

    WTB: new or like new factory manual, SR9 handguard and shipping box. Thank you
  7. PM sent on the barrel and other parts.
  8. I'm looking for a new or like new Victorinox Sig 550/STGW 90 bayonet. Please send pics and price. Thanks Classiccorvette1967@yahoo.com
  9. Wtb pre ban IMI Galil in 223

    I have an unfired AA 556-223 Galil ARM with rare 16" barrel, sling , manual, qty 4 mags, and original IMI cleaning rod set, I'm an FFL in Ohio. NEW old stock condition purchased in ealy 1990's $4,100. If you want a collector grade pre ban rifle this is as good as they come! Will consider NIB pre ban guns or WW2 firearms as trade. If interested email me at : Classiccorvette1967@yahoo.com Roger
  10. I recently purchased qty- 2 pre ban Galil rifles from Sturmgewehr member M Heck. Both Galil's were supposed to be new in box with all the original accesories, however the one did not come with the original sling and cleaning kit. Mr. Heck did not hesistate to assure me that he would find the missing items which were probably in his safe or he would purchase them for me . Other than the missing cleaning kit and sling both rifles were NIB as described. Well unfortunately Mr. Heck did not follow up with his word! After several texts he continued to promise me that he would locate the items or buy replacemnt ones since he knew where he could purchase them. Unfortunately Mr. Heck NEVER did find the original Galil sling or cleaning kit. I tried to contact Mr. Heck several more times but Mr. Heck never responded back to my texts. In conclusion Mr. Heck had no problem taking my $8,000 in cash, however it appears he is too busy to keep his end of the deal. I hope I'm the only person who had who had a negative interaction with him.
  11. Various Title 1 for sale

    I'll take the HK94 as listed for $500.
  12. If they are new I'll take them. Message sent.
  13. WTB :New or like new HK MP5 OD green sling old style. Let me know what you have and how much. Classiccorvette1967@yahoo.com Thanks Roger