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  1. WTB New factory IMI 5.56mm Galil cleaning kit complete. I'm looking for the one that came with the rifle from the factory. Please send email with price and pics to: Classiccorvette1967@yahoo.com Thanks
  2. Rare pre89 Semi's

    Pm sent
  3. WTS: HK 94 German excellent condition $4500

    I'll take one. Pm sent.
  4. Please send me an email I'm interested in the Sig 551. Classiccorvette1967@yahoo.com
  5. WTS: Yugo Underfolder

    Pm sent
  6. Belgian FN FAL PARA w/Extras $5K

    Fn made type 1,2 and 3 upper receivers. Type one and two were forgings and type3 were investment cast.
  7. Belgian FN FAL PARA w/Extras $5K

    Is that a type 3 cast reciever?
  8. Can I have your payment info again?.i accidentally deleted it. Thanks
  9. Please send email for payment info Renterprise80@yahoo.com
  10. If you still have the new MP5 mags I'd like to order qty 10 of the original 30 rd mags. Please give me your contact info so I can mail out payment.




  11. Looking for a new/like new factory Colt M-16 A1 (small holes) 16"barrel upper receiver with gray finish. Thanks Renterprise80@yahoo.com