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  1. WTS m3a1 reciever kit

    I have currently re engineered the reciever for a m3 m3a1 grease gun it's 3 pieces tube with mag well, pistol grip and lower and a 1 piece bushing for the barell so no flaring the tube. I built mine the working prototype in full auto.The kit can be configured for semi you put it together you need a welder and dremil .I supply everthing to build the reciever no holes .comes with instructions and pic Just use your bolt barell trigger requoil system. $600+shipping 07ffl02sot
  2. New M3a1 grease gun nfa

    I've been working on this for 8 months started with dies but my press is week. So went to making all parts except barell trigger sear and bolt. It is a kik to shoot. I did this because I wanted one but to I built my own.if there is any interest shoot me a email and I can put a kit together all nfa laws applied Thanks tom 07ffl02sot
  3. WTS 1919a4 post sample

    I have a very nice post sample build 1919a4 set up in 8mm mauser but with a 3006 308 and 7.62x54R barell bolt and top cover. $2995 + shipping it's heavy Questions
  4. I have a cobb 50 cal sniper rifle with scope 12 x 36 30mm tube 2 mags pelican case it's original forest camo by lauwer custom weaponry .shot very little looks new Asking $3995+spipping
  5. 12.7x108 30 rounds once fired brass $155 +shipping
  6. WTS cobb 50 cal 3995+shipping

    OK good deals
  7. Cobb 50 cal woodland camo 2 mags 12 x 36 30mm tube scope in a pelican cass $3995+SHIPPING EMAIL FOR PIC,S
  8. Wtb m240 barell

    Looking for a decent m240 barell with life left in it and a good deal
  9. WTS post sample pkm

    Hungarian post sample pkm ex condition, pristine barell requires a law letter $3,200+ACTUAL shipping It's built from a parts kit
  10. Manual 80% bar and thompson recievers from phily ord finish machining and welding repair O2 sot
  11. I have 1 german k98 barell ww11 very good bore serial # 2949 has all inspection stamps and waffen 150.00 1 yugo m48 barell vg bore 75.00 1 incoming 1918 bar lower trigger housing stripped unissued 200.00 for info
  12. Wtb baretta pm12 parts

    Looking for parts let me know
  13. Star z 45 It has a 9 mm barell not largo law letter required $1.900 It's like new with all new furniture 2 mags