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  1. WTB: Valmet m62s Butt Plate

    I have a m62s with a fixed stock and I am looking for a butt plate to replace the broker one on the rifle. MJ
  2. Traded - HK Upper With Accessories

    Thank you for all of the interest, however not looking for any trades at this time.... In fact, I may just take it out this weekend and just put it back into the safe if I don't get any cash offers.
  3. Traded - HK Upper With Accessories

    I'm starting to see a pattern and I hope that I'm wrong, but it seems as if we've got a live one trolling. Not sure why me, but I'd appreciate only those with serious interest posting on my thread. I promise this isn't asking much, on most forums your given warnings for it the fist time and suspended the second. Thank You and Sorry for the Soapboxing...
  4. Traded - HK Upper With Accessories

    Yes you did, and I responded immediately. Please check your inbox before you post again.
  5. Traded - HK Upper With Accessories

    You can either contact me or check if I am on other sites with Established feedback.... :-) if you PM me I will give you my contact information
  6. Selling a used HK AE date code 10.5" upper with a ton of accessories. Includes everything pictured - HK AE 10.5" upper (used) - flash hider (used) - HK hand rail (used & a tight fit) - HK Piston and piston spring (new) - Charging handle (new) - HK Bolt Carrier Group (used & yes, rated for FA) - HK fixed front and diopter rear sites (new) - HK Buffer & Buffer spring (new) - HK E1 butt stock commercial (lightly used) WTS - HK Upper with accessories