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  1. Hi, I will take the trigger group, Was the pin hole enlarged on it to fit a semi too?

    It looks to be a German Trigger group, Did you just change out some parts to make it semi only?

    I can do PP no fee to you for it.


    1. IGC


      No, the hole was not enlarged. I actually have 2. I is grey parked (the one listed) and the other a black park finish. I welded in a blocking bar so that the selector will not go into the full auto position per atf rules for semi auto use and machined the sear to semi spec. They are both new old stock and have only been used by me for testing after modification. My PayPal address is Lsabrestorations@gmail.com. Just let me know which color you would prefer.

    2. g36kinnc


      Just my luck, not the type needed, I will pass. I need it for a Mod A with the 9mm hole in rear of group.

    3. IGC


      OK. It's not difficult to enlarge the hole 1 more mm though.