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  1. I have for sale 1 NOS early Green Mnt 20 inch pencil barrel for early M16 M16A1 and retro clones. Comes with Colt barrel nut, spring and early flat style handguard retainer as shown. M16 A1 5.56mm, 1:12 twist Rifle Barrel, 20" 41V50 Vanadium alloy milspec steel, fully machined and assembled with extension. Drilled gas port, phosphate finish. 1960s era M16 A1 pencil profile with traditional m16 feed ramps, muzzle threading 1/2 x 28, weighs 1.75 lbs. This barrel is phosphate (black in color). Barrel is drilled for front site pins. It is not chrome lined. I bought this several yrs ago for a retro project that never happened. Get everything pictured, a set of good used front sight pins and FREE SHIPPING all for WAS $139.95 NOW $129.95 shipped CONUS I accept PayPal, credit cards and Postal money order. Add 3.5% for paypal and cc unless paying paypal discreet (no fee).
  2. You don't find them like this anymore! I have for sale one UNFIRED Romanian PSL FPK/ Romak III/ SSG-97 chambered in 7.62 X 54R. This is a complete set! Comes as shown with Romanian military issue gear bag/ mag pouch, 2 10 round magazines, scope cover, cleaning kit, 3 piece cleaning rod, oil bottle, owners manual, sling and scope. The rifle is BRAND NEW OLD STOCK NEVER FIRED, was built by Cugir in Romania and imported/ distributed by Century Arms. I have owned this rifle since I bought it new in 2009. It has gorgeous refinished furniture and I had the barrel threaded to facilitate the use of a removable Dragunov style flash hider and 11* target crowned. The front sight has been drilled in the front, a spring and plunger pinned in to hold on the removable flash hider just like a standard AK. This work was professionally done by Sierra Ordnance. $1650.00 SHIPPED CONUS. I accept PayPal, credit cards and Postal MO. Add 3.5% for PayPal and CC unless paying discreet PayPal (no fee). Rifle ships in a new Plano case.
  3. I have for sale 200 (10 boxes of 20 ea) rounds of new manufacture Romanian non corrosive 8mm Mauser JS ammo. 170 gr. FMJ ball. Not much else to say about these. See the pic for more info. WAS $110.00 SHIPPED conus. SOLD PENDING I accept Postal MO, PayPal and CC. Add 3% for PP and CC. No fee for discreet "friends and family" PayPal payment. DM me for payment info.
  4. I have for sale everything you need to profile, target crown and thread an AK barrel and others. Other caliber shanks and pilots are available HERE on CNC Warrior. All you need to profile and crown is a drill and about 5 mins. It's super simple to do. You will need a die handle to thread. Included is: One 14X10 LH (AK) threading die with 7.62 (for any 7.62mm barrel) bore guide (die pilot) part #22961 was $36.99 new. See HERE One annular cutter kit to profile any barrel for threading with 7.62 (for any 7.62mm barrel) guide. Suitable for any barrel up to .875 inch. Part #25761 was $73.63 new. See HERE One 11 degree target barrel crowning tool (for any barrel) part #25453 was $59.99 new. See HERE One crowning tool shank for drill or drill press part #25860 was $6.99 new. See HERE One 7.62 crowning pilot part #25451 was $4.97 new. See HERE All these tools were used 1 TIME only and are as good as new! Originally cost me $182.57 plus $15.00 shipping. Get them ALL for $150.00 SHIPPED conus. (NOW $135.00 SHIPPED!) I accept PayPal and CC (add 3%). No fee for discreet "friends and family" PayPal payment. I also accept POSTAL money orders. DM me for payment info. First "I'll take it" gets it.
  5. I have for sale 1 NEVER FIRED DPMS LR .308 Panther with a 24 inch stainless steel bull barrel. This has sat in my safe since I bought it new. Includes Barska 4-10 power green illuminated scope,tac latch, DPMS palm shelf grip, sling, bipod, factory manual and 2 20 round mags. Description- With a 24” stainless bull barrel, 1 in 10 twist, free floating handguard and a high ride receiver for easier mounting of optics, the LR-308 has gone toe to toe with bolt action rifles and delivered comparable accuracy, with higher magazine capacity and rate of fire. The conventional thought that "only a bolt action could be considered a precision rifle" has been in contention ever since. With numerous upgrades available, the LR-308 is the ultimate long range target and competition rifle. The LR-308, the first and foremost of the .308 line, and for which the rifle series is named, is a rifle to be reckoned with. So much so that it was named the NRA Rifle of the year in 2005. Specs- Barrel: 24" Length 416 Stainless steel bull barrel 6 grooves, right-hand 1x10 twist, button rifled Chamber: .308 Winchester (7.62X51) Method of Operation: Gas operated rotating bolt Bolt & Carrier: 8620 steel bolt carrier, heat treated and plated per Mil Spec Phosphated steel bolt, heat treated and plated per Mil Spec Sights: None (mounting optics only) Weight: Empty - 11.20 lbs. Length: 43.5" Upper Receiver: Thick walled, extruded from 6066-T6 aluminum Hard coat anodized per Mil Spec and Teflon coated black No dust cover Snag free design, smooth side look No shell deflector No forward assist Right hand ejection Raised Picatinny rail for easy scope mounting Lower Receiver: Milled from a solid billet of 6061-T6 aluminum Hard coat anodized per Mil Spec and Teflon coated black integral trigger guard Aluminum magazine release button Standard AR-15 trigger group Stock: Standard A2 Black Zytel Mil Spec w/trap door assembly Handguards: Standard length ribbed free float tube. My cost: Rifle - $1300.00 Scope - $150.00 Tac latch - $20.00 Bipod - $50.00 Grip - $40.00 I have $1560.00 in this NEW rifle. Price: $1199.00 SHIPPED FREE CONUS to the FFL of your choice INSURED. SPF Will do FTF in Kokomo IN. I accept Postal MO, PayPal and CC. 3% more if you use CC or I invoice you on PayPal. No extra fee for discrete PayPal "gift" payment. DM me for payment info.
  6. I have for sale 1 Taurus PT140 Millennium PRO SS .40S&W. Specs: http://www.taurususa.com/product-details.cfm?id=38&category=Pistol Comes with 2 10 round mags, 1 bore brush, 2 safety lock keys, orig manual and padded original hardcase box. Hogue rubber slip on grip pictured is NOT included. This has been fired exactly 20 times. It's in mint condition and comes with all the orig accessories as when purchased. You get everything pictured EXCEPT slip on grip and I'm throwing in a used holster that fits it perfectly for free. I have 47 guns and it's time to sell a few. I bought it brand new for $389.95 + tax back in July of 2009. MSRP: $498.00 $320.00 + ACTUAL UPS overnight insured shipping CONUS to the FFL of your choice. Be sure they accept shipment from non FFL individual. Will do FTF in Kokomo, IN. if you want to come get it. Must show DL and carry permit. Otherwise it ships to the FFL of your choosing. I accept Postal MO, PayPal & CC. Add 3% for PayPal and CC. No fee for discreet PayPal. DM me for payment info.
  7. I have for sale one pristine unfired stainless steel Ruger New Vaquero chambered in .45 LC/ 45 Colt with a 5.5 inch barrel. It's only been factory fired and includes the spent case. It's spent it's time in a glass display case since I bought it new. The only thing I have done to it is buy it some nice grips because I hated those factory plastic ones (which are included btw). It comes as pictured as it did from the factory with the exception of the add on grips. $585 gets it shipped to your FFL (be sure your FFL accepts shipments from non FFL individual)or I will do FTF in Kokomo IN. Must show DL and carry permit for FTF. No fee for discreet PayPal otherwise there's a 3% trans fee for regular PayPal and CC. DM me for payment info.