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  1. I have for sale 1 complete Anderson lower receiver that is all new except for the Bushmaster FCG (hammer, trigger and disconnector). Comes as shown with ergo grip, Magpul trigger guard and single point sling adapter. Also included is an extra A2 grip if the ergo isn't to your liking. $150.00 SHIPPED Conus to your FFL. I accept PayPal & CC. No extra 3% fee if paid via PayPal discreet "friends & fam" method. DM me for payment info. Reply to this listing for and questions about the item. Dont know why this was moved to Parts & Accessories as this is considered a firearm.
  2. Save $65 if you pick it up in person in Kokomo, IN. Must Show DL and carry permit.
  3. Drooling.... wheres an extra 5K when you need it.
  4. No I do not believe it's IMI with a -7 rollmark. It appears to be a full auto barrel that was machined to semi profile. All I can tell is that the work was factory done and not a one off by the machine marks you can see in the bottom pic. I compared it's measurements to a semi barrel sold by US Barrel Shrouds and one made by D&D Sales with a digi caliper and they are spot on.