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  1. And so,,,,,,,,,,,the barrel included?
  2. Hey Bob, just going thru some old posts and saw yours on the .30 browning belts. Still available and if so perhaps some pictures and details to svtpuke@gmail.com thank you. james
  3. Hey brother, pis this saw cut Uzi still available? Please text me at 817-239-7003 and we can go from there. thanks, james
  4. Still available and if so please shoot me some additional pictures to: svtpuke@gmail.com thanks, james
  5. Please let me know what you have. I take full parts kits as well as individual parts and accessories. Feel from to email me direct at svtpuke@gmail.com or text @ 817-239-7003 thanks, james
  6. The multi tool looks just like the one I have for my 1919, just thought I would help you out a bit. Good luck with sale, the price seems to be pretty spot on for these days. puke
  7. I have three of these which appear to be new and never installed. Two of these still have the price tags attached and retail for $74.99 each, third one is missing tag but still appears new. Asking $65.00 each or $150.00 for the three including shipping. These are for 5.56 with 1/2 x28 threads. please email for pictures or with offers to: svtpuke@gmail.com
  8. PM sent on 1 handguard
  9. SPF to magnet69. Thanks Buddy for the boards.
  10. How about five mags and we both pay shipping? thanks, james
  11. I had one of these once and sold when it started getting "stupid" during the Clinton era. I found these going thru my shop tonight and thought they have to be worth s"omeone who still owns one of those big, mean, nasty, guns. I truly have no idea but figure you cannot replace the winder and other cast part fro. The factory, ever so I am going to throw them out here at $150 shipped. I will let it ride a bit and if need be will begin dropping the price in a few days, however I do have these listed locally and on other boards so be aware. trades I'm interested in are zytel m11/9 magazine at a fair price, m11a1 magazines in 380 for a RPB or SWD gun. Uzi mags of any size, 16" uzi barrel, short UZI barrel for SBR project, who knows, send me offers. thanks, puke
  12. WTB M11/9 SMG parts kit or parts set

    Thanks for the reply and I might have to go that route but was hoping to find someone who might want a bit less or perhaps a trade of some type. I have ordered from FTF and have been very happy with my transactions just trying to save a bit here on the board. thank again, puke
  13. Looking to purchase an M11/9 SMG parts kit, please email or text me what you have. svtpuke@gmail.com 817-239-7003
  14. Very nice and tidy M203 quadrant site. Please email me for pics to svtpuke@gmail.com thans, James (Puke)