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  1. Ok, These are the last 2 M249 SAW Mags I have that I was saving as my own personal stash. Both magazine pouches fit nicely into the carry pouch if the 100 rounder is kept empty. So I am selling the three pieces together, or not at all.... 1 ~~~ M249 SAW F.N. 200 Round Nut Sack - NEW 1 ~~~ M249 SAW 200 Round Magazine Pouch - USED ,Very Good Condition. 1 ~~~ M249 SAW F.N. 100 Round Nut Sack - USED , Good Condition All three items above are $125 - Shipped Priority Mail to lower 48. ( pics below) ~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~2 - M249 .223 Cal F.N. 200 Round Nut Sacks / Magazines in Digital Camo that are in very good condition. The inside flap, when opened, has the diagram of how the belt should be layered in the magazine If they went through more than a couple belts of ammo I would be surprised. The sacks have a little dirt on them but if you hand wash them they might just look like new. You can tell by the rigid tops that they have very little, if any use. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ $50 Each + Shipping~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~~ ~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~1 - M249 .223 Cal F.N. 200 Round Nut Sack / Magazine in Woodland Camo. The sack is slightly dirty, will wash up nice, but no excessive visible wear on it. The normal wear from use you will see on the solid polymer top part. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ $45 + Shipping~~~SOLD~~~ ~~~SOLD~~~1 - M249 .223 Cal F.N. 100 Round Nut Sack / Magazine in Woodland Camo. (in Pics Above). The sack has some minor visible wear on 2 bottom corners on the side that has the 2 polymer strips sewn in for rigidity. And same as above, the most wear you will see on the upper rigid polymer top part of the magazine. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ $30 + Shipping~~~SOLD~~~ ~~~SOLD~~~1 - M249 200 Round Nut Sack / Magazine Pouch , Used with visible wear but fully functional and has 2 slits cut on the sides to make magazine removal easier, I guess. ~ ~ ~ $10 But only with purchase of Magazines.~~~SOLD~~~ 1 - PASGT Helmet w/ Digital Camo Cover & Chin Strap, Size - Small , By Specialty Plastic Products , DLA 100-88-C-4397 , NSN 8470-01 092-7526 This helmet is in very good condition, it has the old 2 point chin strap. It is the first in the series of modern helmets that started in the early 80s. And I am letting it go for the super low price of ~ ~ ~ $50 + Shipping to lower 48. 1 - LYMAN PRO 1000 Scale, as you see pictured, looks ok used, missing the calibration weight. ~ ~ ~ $45 + shipping to lower 48 Ok, I hope this listing comes out ok. I have not been around for a while. To purchase any of the items above you need to call me at Seven - Seven - Three - 447 - Eight Thousand. Or text me at the same number. I will take PayPal payment for the items. I always prefer to talk to my buyers because I want them to know exactly what they are getting. I am over 60 yrs old , life is too short to be playing games. If you ask about me on the feedback board I am sure there will be nothing but positive reviews. AND please remember to send a zip code so I can calculate shipping cost. And finally, I ship only to The USA, Prefer the lower 48 but will ship to AK, & HI if I have to. As always...first to contact me AND to send Payment gets the Item. If you text or message " I'll take it!" then disappear for the next 12-24 hours and another buyer comes by an hour or two after you and wants to pay right away, Guess who gets the item and who looses? Thanks to everyone for looking at my new load of stuff. I will be adding more all day and all evening today. Even during the game!
  2. David, You are the Best!!! Thanks Much! I'm all good for another year.
  3. I did it again guys! Need your help again with the same issue. Please let me purchase a subscription! Thanks in advance!
  4. OK ! took me a while but I found this kit again and have it ready to ship to first person that decides they want it. I do not see myself buying another AUG so I have no use for the tower.
  5. Still looking for a magazine for my AMT BACKUP 380, if it comes down to it I will pay cash within reason. I see guys asking $35-$55 for what? A 5 or 6 round mag for a crappy pistol that has no collectors value and is heavier than all others in its' class?
  6. BTT , No offers ? I am still looking, or are the AMT Backup 380 Mags that rare or hard to come by?
  7. I am willing to make it a great deal for anyone that wants to work something out...
  8. I am looking for a couple AMT Backup 380 Mags I have the following mags to trade. Contact me with any offers you have in mind. If I do not get any trade offers in the next day or two I will put some prices on all the mags and just offer to sell them. 1 Meggar & 1 Kimber 6 or 7? round 45 single stack. (not sure what they fit but it looks like a compact model and both mags look like they fit the same gun. 1 Sig Pro .40 S&W and .357 Sig 10 round NEW. 1 Meggar MG-SP226-9MM Sig 226 10 round NEW. 1Sig Sauer P226 15 round Used, floor plate has numbers stamped on it and has dents, mag body is in good shape. 2 Smith & Wesson Sigma 16 round Stainless NEW. 1 Glock 9mm 10 round #3206 on floor plate, not sure which Glock it fits? 1 Beretta PB Cal. 9 Para Made in Italy 15 round , looks like Beretta 92 ? Very good condition. 1 Browning Hi Power original 9mm 13 round no markings but excellent condition. 2 KRD Browning Hi Power 9mm 17 round New. If you have any AMT Backup 380 Mags that you do not need but could use some of the mags I have , let's talk... You can call or text me at 773 - Four Four Seven - 8 Thousand , Darek.
  9. Can someone please clear my pending renewal invoice for Lieutenant? It expired a while ago and I just got around to renewing now but it will not let me because it says invoice expired. Thanks in advance guys. ( I did not see a way of doing it myself)...
  10. BTT, These three items still available.
  11. BTT! Let's try this again! I have some fine knives here that just need a new owner and some TLC !
  12. WTS: H&K SP89 Manual

    Reply message sent. But if someone had called or texted me, I would have sold the manual to them without knowing that you had first dibs on it. I am glad it is working out ok. But when I get busy, I don't check the boards for a couple days sometimes... That Is why I ask people to call, text, or email me because that way I get your message right away... Thanks, Darek
  13. I have a Nazi Marked Mauser 98 marked BYF 43 the rifle is in good condition for its age but the stock is cracked in half and the front sight hood and cleaning rod are missing. Under the wood, the barrel looks super clean. Everything is matching numbers EXCEPT for the Floor Plate is totally different number and the bolt assembly is yet numbered all components the same but with a different number than the rifle and the floor plate. It is a shame, but the broken stock is numbered to the rifle. It would have been great if the only different components were the floor plate and the bolt assembly! Maybe there is someone out there that can do miracles with the stock and somehow epoxy or glue it back together to make it all matched up to that point. I have seen spectacular work done on wood furniture, where you could not tell there was ever any damage done... I was going to try to find someone locally to work on the wood, but I have too many projects going on as it is. So I will leave the restoration to the next owner and if it does not sell the way it is then I will purchase any old stock from 1943 BYF and sell it as a complete miss-matched rifle. From what I understand, the late dated rifles are not that great of a collectors rarity, and are not worth as much as the earlier ones. All BATF rules apply, I can do a FTF in northern IL. Suburbs, with valid FOID card, or Your FFL must accept shipment from private party, and send me a copy of his/her FFL. I will add pictures and more info tonite. Asking $500 + Shipping You can contact me at Seven Seven Three - 447 - Eight Thousand. Darek
  14. Ok, I have some reloading stuff and I do not reload. A friend "did me a favor" and purchased this stuff for me. Send offers if you think my prices are off and if I will work with you. Contact me by email or PM or you can call me at Seven Seven Three - 447 - Eight Thousand. Darek First I have a MEC Grabber 761R 12 Ga reloader. with primer feeder. It also comes with two extra powder measure bars, ( the two rectangular red bars pictured). I will sell it for $129 shipped ( You get exactly what you see in the pics.) It just needs some cleaning up. The Primer feeder looks ok. Let me know if you want me to send you more Pics. Next I have 8 dies for a RCBS A3 Press, They are marked as 300 Win Mag, 264 Win Mag, 223 Rem , and 45 ACP. I do not know or guarantee that they are all complete. Please ask all questions you may have because this is used stuff that I never worked with and have no idea how to use. You get the dies ONLY! Press is already gone and not included. Also, I think these dies are NOT standard thread and size so they ONLY work with this model press! 2) Forster Products Case Reamers The reamers are $40 + Shipping Each. Please Remember, look closely at the pictures, if you don't see it then it will not be included...don't assume anything....