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  1. Get the Best of the Best for you M16 while you can. HK
  2. Ready to be installed on your SBR Lower or your Machine Gun Lower. I have an HK416 Complete Upper Receiver for sale. This is all Factory Original and has the AF date code stamp on the Upper Receiver, Barrel, and the Bolt. AF=2005...This Upper is in Like New condition and has had only 100 rounds or less shot thru it on a Semi Automatic Pistol Lower. It is Super Reliable and Extremely Accurate. This would compliment any Machine Gun Lower and also get you lots of Stares and Envy at the gun range, just for the HK Coolness Factor. I will include a bunch of HK416 accessories and Extra New Spare Parts. HK416 Early Stock, OTB Buffer Tube, Proper Machine Gun Buffer, Buffer Spring, Castle Nut, Back Plate, Battle Pistol Grip with storage, and Correct 10.4" Barrel Length HK Diopter Sights. Extra HK416 Piston, Piston Rod assembly, Firing Pin, Cam, and complete aftermarket Bolt. (All Brand New) So you are getting a lot of HK accessories and Extra Spare Parts with this Awesome Upper Receiver. And these HK416 Uppers are selling for $6,000 dollars on HK-Parts when available. They have been out of stock on them for months now and due to no more Post Sample sales to Dealers it looks like there won't be anymore available anytime soon, plus they do not come with the HK Diopter Iron Sights like mine does. https://beta.hkparts.net/product/hk-416-10-4-upper-kit-german-hk-otb-p962.htm Give your SBR or Machine Gun what it deserves. Only $4500 Shipped and Insured to your door. For Everything Listed ... Sig Sauer 516 Pistol Lower Receiver not included.
  3. I have an HK416 Pistol up for sale. This is all German as it has a Like New Sig Sauer 516 Complete Pistol Lower Receiver. Perfect Fit and Finish and it looks Really Cool. HK416 Complete Factory AF date code Upper with the sought after 10.3" Barrel and with less then 100 rounds shot thru it and in Like Brand New condition. I will also include an HK416 Early Retractable Stock that came off of an AF date code Weapon. It will have everything needed to do a SBR if so desired. HK OTB Buffer Tube, Castle Nut, Back Plate, HK Spring and Buffer. And I will throw in an HK416 Pistol Grip. So you can keep it as is and use it as a Cool HK416 Pistol. or you can do a SBR on the Lower and have the closest thing to a Real HK416 Complete Weapon. Price is Only $5200
  4. I will go $17,750 to move this quickly. This is a Hell of a Deal on a Transferable MilSpec M16 made by one of the Best Companies out there, Bushmaster.... I see people selling Olympic Arms (Non-MilSpec) M16's for $20K and they have issues with working with Modern Lower Receivers. I also see Colt SP1 Slab Side conversions with the annoying Large front pivot hole selling for over $20 Grand. So this is an Awesome Deal here. This will do nothing but go up in value. So when you buy this one you will already be making money on your Investment due to the Awesome Price. Only $17,750 Shipped. Thanks for looking.
  5. I have a Bushmaster XM15E2 (Fully Transferable) M16 Machine-Gun up for sale. It is a Select Fire 5.56mm Fully Automatic Machine-Gun in Great Condition. It is currently at my Class-3 SOT Dealer in Hastings Michigan on a Form-3. Yes its on a FORM-3 E-File ....... Very Fast E-File from my SOT Dealer and it will be Approve in 2 days and at your Dealer very quickly. I have this priced to Sell Fast due to a Family Matter. These are selling for between $20,000 and $21000 on other sites. Only $18500 Shipped to your Class-3 Dealer. Reduced to Only $17,750 Shipped.
  6. transferable m16

    He also has it listed on GunSpot and there are a few Pics in that post. It's been on there for about 4 days now and no one has bought it yet, even at that Decent Price? Looks like it comes with a Colt M4 Upper and a Colt Stock. See Link below. https://gunspot.com/listings/detail/2274/wilson-arms-m16/
  7. Colt M16A2

    Message Sent........
  8. Is there a phone number I can call or someone at the NFA Branch to check on a M16 Serial Number? I just want to make sure it is in the Registry as a Fully Transferable Pre-86 machine-gun before forking out the Big Bucks. Any help would be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks
  9. WTS: Sendra M16

    As per our Phone and Text conversations. I will Take the Sendra BushMaster M16 machine gun. Thanks.
  10. WTS: Sendra M16

    If only this Sendra XM15E2 was on a Form-3.

    Dave, As per our Text and E-Mail conversations, I will Take this M16A2 Machine Gun. It is all mine.
  12. Does anyone know the status on the BATFE Form-4 e-file? I was told late Summer or in the 4th quarter of this year as they are working out code issues. It would be nice to have a 1 month wait instead of 8 months.
  13. What If?

    LOL.... I am afraid of Nothing and I am actually going to buy an M16 soon. I actually owned 3 M16's back in the early 2002 era. I owned a Colt AR15 Model 601, a Colt M16A1 and a Sendra XM15E2 Machine Gun and back then they were much cheaper. I picked up the Model-601 in Mint all original condition back in 2001 for only $9K and now its worth over $65K... As for the items listed.. I own Gold, I own Land, I own Muscle Cars, and many Evil Black weapons. Worked in Law Enforcement for over 22 years and I have seen the 3am SWAT team raids on folks who never seen it coming. Its really Tough Talk saying that you will never turn in your guns until you get that 3am SWAT team raid. The LibTards are in Full Force right now and they want our guns. It would really suck though if someone like Hitlery Klinton got in Office, our guns would be long gone by now. I don't live my life in fear and believe me, I will never turn in my guns.
  14. What If?

    I am looking to buy a Pre-86 Fully Transferable M16 machine gun and I have a question of Concern? Now with the Libtards at a feeding frenzy to Ban all of our Semi Auto's, because of these Antifa Leftist mass shooters, George Soros Funded by the way. Now if they do Ban our Semi Autos will they also come after our NFA machine-guns? This is a very expensive Hobby and to have a LibTard come and take away a $30K Colt M16 A2 would not be cool. Would the Machine Guns be Grandfathered? I just don't want to fork out all of this cash and then a year later have a POS Commie LibTard come and take it away from me. I think that this is a Major Concern for all of us NFA owners. Your thoughts?