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  1. I have a (NIB) Sig 516 Piston Driven Upper for sale. This one has the very hard to acquire Full Auto Bolt/Carrier assembly that Sig will only sell to Law Enforcement. This is the Latest and Greatest Gen-2 Upper with the 4 position gas adjustment piston system. Cold Hammer Forged 14.5" Barrel with 1x7 Twist. Comes in box with Sig Accessories. No Iron Sights. Price is $950 Shipped TYD. Awesome Upper for your M16 Machine Gun.
  2. I have an HK416 / MR556 / MR762 E2 Stock and Battle Grip with storage up for sale. Both items are Like New and are take offs of a New HK416. Only $150 Shipped TYD for both items. The E2 Stock alone sells for over $200 Dollars. Thx
  3. Someone with an M16 needs this HK416 Upper. Or do a SBR with this Upper and all of the HK416 extra's. $4500 Shipped is a Hell of a Deal on this with all of the HK416 Extra's. This is not a Beat Up Police Trade In that many people out there are selling with unknown round counts. This Upper was purchased New and has had 100 rounds of Semi Automatic fire put down the barrel. Awesome and very Collectable HK here, and at a Great Price.
  4. Still for sale. Buy this today.
  5. Still Available. Buy this today....
  6. Yes Sir.... It will be GTG and run like a Raped Ape. PM sent.
  7. I have a Sig Sauer 516 Piston Driven Full Auto Upper Receiver. This is a complete 10.5" barrel upper with the Sig Flip Up sights. I am also including a MagPul Forward Grip. The Upper is Like New and has had under 100 rounds shot thru it. These are impossible to find as Sig will not sell the Full Auto uppers to anyone except LE and Military. Price is $1200 Shipped.
  8. I have a Brand New and Very Rare Knights Armament Company (KAC) 2-Stage Full Auto Trigger up for sale. This Trigger is Fully Adjustable like their semi automatic 2 stage version. This Trigger Set-Up has the Larger Hammer that will work with the HK-416 Uppers perfectly. The Geissele SSF will not work and they cost over $400 bucks. It comes with full instructions for installation. Price is Only $300 Shipped TYD. ALL NFA Rules Apply.
  9. I was going to do a SBR with this upper but decided that I could use the cash instead. Bump...