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  1. WTS: Sendra M16

    As per our Phone and Text conversations. I will Take the Sendra BushMaster M16 machine gun. Thanks.
  2. WTS: Sendra M16

    If only this Sendra XM15E2 was on a Form-3.

    Dave, As per our Text and E-Mail conversations, I will Take this M16A2 Machine Gun. It is all mine.
  4. Does anyone know the status on the BATFE Form-4 e-file? I was told late Summer or in the 4th quarter of this year as they are working out code issues. It would be nice to have a 1 month wait instead of 8 months.
  5. What If?

    LOL.... I am afraid of Nothing and I am actually going to buy an M16 soon. I actually owned 3 M16's back in the early 2002 era. I owned a Colt AR15 Model 601, a Colt M16A1 and a Sendra XM15E2 Machine Gun and back then they were much cheaper. I picked up the Model-601 in Mint all original condition back in 2001 for only $9K and now its worth over $65K... As for the items listed.. I own Gold, I own Land, I own Muscle Cars, and many Evil Black weapons. Worked in Law Enforcement for over 22 years and I have seen the 3am SWAT team raids on folks who never seen it coming. Its really Tough Talk saying that you will never turn in your guns until you get that 3am SWAT team raid. The LibTards are in Full Force right now and they want our guns. It would really suck though if someone like Hitlery Klinton got in Office, our guns would be long gone by now. I don't live my life in fear and believe me, I will never turn in my guns.
  6. What If?

    I am looking to buy a Pre-86 Fully Transferable M16 machine gun and I have a question of Concern? Now with the Libtards at a feeding frenzy to Ban all of our Semi Auto's, because of these Antifa Leftist mass shooters, George Soros Funded by the way. Now if they do Ban our Semi Autos will they also come after our NFA machine-guns? This is a very expensive Hobby and to have a LibTard come and take away a $30K Colt M16 A2 would not be cool. Would the Machine Guns be Grandfathered? I just don't want to fork out all of this cash and then a year later have a POS Commie LibTard come and take it away from me. I think that this is a Major Concern for all of us NFA owners. Your thoughts?
  7. Is there anyone out there that does MilSpec work on AR15/M16 Lower Receivers? Is there a gun smith out there that can make a Colt SP1 with the Large front pivot hole into a small MilSpec hole for more modern day small hole uppers? I believe M60 Joe use to do this but I believe he is retired now?? Thanks in Advance. Dan
  8. Looking for an M16 here in Michigan. Cash in hand waiting.
  9. Colt M16A2

    Form-3 or Form-4?
  10. I am looking to buy a Transferable M16 machine gun.
  11. I will Take It for $700 Shipped....