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    Consider $1300 for the kit?
  2. I’ll take these if they are all in as good condition as the photo. E-mail me for payment and shipping directions. Info@halomfg.com
  3. WTB: RPD Kit

    What is a kit worth? I may have the kit, a semi-auto receiver and the conversion trigger/bolt parts that never made it to my bench... I don't remember if it is reciprocating or not...
  4. Interested in: HK "Mark"23 KG date coded firearm especially if it has the Knight Armament suppressor (bonus if the serial numbers are matched). Will pay premium for unfired units. Wilcox LAM units ... especially looking for IR capable laser unit Insight Technologies model 1400 IR capable LAM Original HK bumper stickers included in the original handgun packages USSOCOM marked slides Let me know what you have and pricing. Thank Michael Halo Mfg