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  1. Form 3 to form 4

    If your a proprietor and not a Co, LLC, or trust you already own the gun, nothing needs to be done except notify the ATF that you won't be renewing your SOT. If or when you decide to sell the gun it would go to the new owner on a tax paid F4. Of course this assumes that the gun is not a post sample but a transferable or pre May sample. Hope this helps.
  2. Pre 86 Samples owned by a Corporation

    This does get interesting on the sale of the stock vs assets of what ever entity holds the FFL and NFA items. It would seem to me that in a stock sale all assets would go with the stock if not sold prior to the stock sale and no transfers would be necessary. What would be necessary, unless the corporation is not changing it's physical address, is to submit a change of address of the corp. to the BATF. Along with the move and notifying the BATF would be to make sure that where ever the Corp is moving to is zoned properly for a firearms business. I know this because last year I sold my commercial bldg. and moved my FFL to my home, BATF wouldn't approve the move without the cities blessing which I was able to get but BATF didn't notify me that they wanted the cities input for almost a month. BATF agent called me at 6:30 pm on Fri. and asked me where I lived as the zip didn't match the cities name, well we don't have a post office but have 4 different zips for the city I live in. So this was another hold up. I confirmed that my physical location and the post office were different, he called BATF Atlanta and I had my FFL the next Tuesday, with the post office town listed on my FFL, not the city I live in, so much for them wanting the correct physical address, Damned if you do or don't. The responsible persons thing might need to change also. Spend a couple bucks and have a lawyer review the sale. Good luck.
  3. WTS Mossberg 500 20ga AOW $550

    Friend in WI wants to sell his Mossberg 500 20ga AOW. Gun is in 95% cond. built by Imperial Arms Mpls MN. Has 12" bbl. Contact joe@dependablearms or call 612-751-7979 for more info. $550 + $5 tax & shipping.
  4. Friend in WI got this from me a few years back now wants to sell it. I bought the gun at Knob Creek as a C&R gun as I am in MN, looks like the gun is not a C&R but rather a STenling. Sterling MK2 kit used believed mfg prox 1954. The original STen was registered in 1969 (1968 amnesty) per BATF. Serial number on tube used as per ATF rules 89697 mag well number is KR1934 has krinkle finish The conversion takes it out of C&R statues but fully transferable. Comes with 4 mags, bayonet and what looks like a scope mount. Runs well in 95% cond. This gun should transfer directly to a FFL/SOT on F4 now $9500 + tax and shipping. More info or 612-751-7979.
  5. SPF Ruger 556 ANIB $8500 added pic

    Listing for a friend in WI, He has a Ruger 556 blue full stock. Was gone thru by Ruger a few years back and is ANIB. $$8500 + tax & shipping on F4. One 20rd and one 30rd mag. Contact Joe at Dependable Arms 612-751-7979 for more info. WI residence buyer can purchase directly out state must use FFL/SOT.