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  1. SOCOM 16 Stripper Clip Insert Set Screw Size

    Come to find out, it is a tapered roll pin that must be driven out from the bottom. FYI, Springfield Armory never returned email or responded to web request- friend at work reached to someone that specializes in M1As. Lance
  2. After reading a recent Firearms News article by James Tarr, thought I would convert my conventional stock to the Archangel one and use the Vortex Venom red dot that mounts to the stripper clip guide via a Midwest Industries mount. This mount requires removal of the stock stripper clip insert, which has a small Allen wrench set screw holding it in place. Of course the allen wrench supplied with the MI mount doesn't work, and none of the 46 wrenches in my Wheeler Engineering kit fits. Does anyone know what size this set screw is so that I can find the proper tool to remove it? Times like this make me miss Mike Todd, may he rest in peace. Semper Fi Lance
  3. Best way to ship NFA items?

    UPS won't ship full auto weapons, FedEx will cost you four times as much as USPS if you insure the weapon. I am also not a fan of USPS, but not much of a choice. Lance
  4. WTB MP5 Handguards & More

    Are you still looking for a slim handguard and straight magazine? Lance
  5. WTB: HK 94/MP5 or HK93/53/33 retractable stock

    I have one, not HK, only markings are 31C on shoulder of butt pad. Are you interested? I switched to a B&T years ago, nothing wrong with this stock. Lance
  6. WTK EFile 5320 Form

    All, I submitted my first efile 5320 for a trip this March. Got a couple of questions: 1) Should I receive anything from ATF (email) stating that they received my request? 2) How long does it take to get it signed and returned (via email) to me? Thanks, Lance
  7. Wts MK ARMS 760 9mm smg 5000.00

    Frank, I will take it. Please send me an email so we can get this train moving, Lance