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  1. We have 4 Bushmaster M-16 parts kits with complete uppers for sale. Kits will come with everything needed to put on to your registered lower receiver and start shooting. Barrels are chrome lined 1/9 twist, and all uppers will have an A.R.M.S #40 flip up sight. All uppers will also have surefire M500A hand guards. All items appear to be in good useable condition. Price is 775.00 each shipped to you and will also do package deals. More pics available on request. Thanks!
  2. WTS Remington 870 14" SBS $380

    Yep sure do
  3. WTS Mossberg 590 14" SBS $300

    Shoot me an email or give me a call, 614-471-7000
  4. Everything except lower will be sold.
  5. Have a few trade in Remington 870 14" SBS Police Magnum. Bead front sight. We are a dealer in Ohio and these are ready to go on form 3's. $380ea shipped. We accept credit card with no fees, checks etc. Please email with any questions.
  6. WTS Mossberg 590 14" SBS $300

    Have 5 trade in Mossberg 590A1 14" 12ga. Speedfeed stock. Bead front sight. Please email with any questions. These are in Ohio ready to go on a form 3. $300 each shipped.
  7. Have 2 Colt M4 Enhanced parts kit. A2 14.5" 4-position selector(Safe, Semi, Burst, Auto) There was a detent/detent spring lost in disassembly. PD trade in so they are marked up a little bit, but bores look to be in great shape. Please email with any questions. $900 each shipped. Willing to work with buyer if buying all 3 kits. Lowers pictured just to show the Colt model, lowers not included with kit. Everything from rifle except lower receiver. Thanks Will not let me upload more than one picture so here are two more in photobucket
  8. Please e-mail me about the KAC MP5-N Suppressors

  9. WTS Knight's H&K KAC Navy 9mm used $1000

    Price drop
  10. WTS Knight's H&K KAC Navy 9mm used $1000

    Not sure what's going on with the pictures. Email me at and I can send pictures.