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  1. If do not arrive, I will take the Colt 6721. Can overnight funds if needed with my FFL. RB
  2. S&H NFA Registered HK Sears for sale $30,000 each

    Price per sear reduced to $29,500 each
  3. Have on hand two S&H HK NFA registered sears. The sears have never been installed in trigger packs. Price is $30,000.00 per sear. Sear will transfer to your class 3 dealer on a form 3, and be shippped to your class 3 dealer via insured USPS registered mail. Shipping is $100.00 per sear. Call 443-614-2127 if seriously interested.
  4. 1928 Style Tommy Gun $13K *SPF*

    I am very interested and am a current c3 dealer 443-614-2127