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  1. I'm interested in some of the cobray mags
  2. FS: Suppressors , SBR’s and AOW for-sale or OBO

    Did all of these sell?
  3. HK MP5 SBR host gun

    I'll take this per our convo
  4. Free Suppressors for Transfer

    2nds on the M4 2000
  5. Haven't heard from the seller after contacting him via HKPro ad. Is he ok?
  6. WTS: Mac 11 9mm SWD Cobray M11/9 F3 $6800

    PM sent

    You can add/remove trustees at any given time, just amend it. The attorney that drafted it should be able to help with that easily. It's no biggie.
  8. WTS: SWD M11/9

    PM Sent
  9. You win either way, just preference. Lower battery doesn't block the POV. http://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?22067-Aimpoint-Comp-M4-vs-M4s
  10. * ALL MAGS SOLD *

    I'll take both if they're genuine HK mags, SPF texting you now
  11. WTS: NIB AWC .45 MAC Suppressor

    Dammit, that's the one I wanted
  12. WTS: NIB AWC .45 MAC Suppressor

    on Form 3's?
  13. I'm no troll and I did get your message on yesterday. Thanks