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  1. will you have any semi auto UZI lower grip frames.
  2. SO Where's bUDDY.?

    Buddy is such a nice guy, and polite too.
  3. Want to buy a barrel support for .50 M2A1 General Dynamics quick change barrel, U.S.Ord and Ohio Ord are different. can use a drawing if a part is not available, thanks. 303-807-6788 Roger W.
  4. Need a J slot barrel support, or a drawing of the same M2A1 must be General Dynamics Thanks 303-807-6788

    Unusually clean 9mm semi model A test fired only. 4 digit sn 042XX, with one 25 rd mag, one 32 round mag, original carry strap, long barrel only, manual with matching sn to gun, and orig box also matching sn of gun. $1800.00 includes frt to any CONUS address, Fedex ground.Questions 303-807-6788 Thanks, this can ship to C&R license, this is not a reworked or mg parts kit.