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  1. Good evening, is this M2 Still available?

  2. BOTH barrels are SOLD. Thank you!
  3. This is a FULLY TRANSFERABLE machine gun. This ORIGINAL RAMO M2 50 cal. is in EXCELLENT condition. It runs perfect! I purchased this gun in 2006, test fired it, thoroughly cleaned it, then put it away. It has only been out of the safe to inspect and wipe clean when necessary. Serial # 003XXX (last three numbers masked out). The overall size is 65.5” with a barrel length of 45”. The manufacturer is Ramo, model is M2HB with a caliber of .50. Currently on a form 3. FREE SHIPPING with insurance! NEW Pelican 50 cal. custom cut, black gun case available for purchase to the buyer. Please email with questions or for additional photos. Price is $52,000. Thank you!
  4. Original M134 early flash hider. NOS condition. Price is $1,525. FREE SHIPPING with insurance. Thank you!
  5. One barrel is SOLD. Price reduced on the remaining barrel. Thank you!
  6. Yes, still available. Feel free to PM me or email if you need more information. Thanks, Dan
  7. PRICE REDUCED. Thank you!
  8. WTS: .308 South African ammo. 1,260 rounds per case. $720 per case.

    PRICE REDUCED. Thank you!
  9. WTB ZB26 ZB30 post dealer sample/pre May/parts

    I have two ZB30 barrels for sale. Please email me at: THX!
  10. Two original ZB30 machine gun barrels. Both in excellent condition. The top barrel in the photo is $1,150. New price is $850. The bottom barrel in the photo is SOLD. FREE SHIPPING with insurance
  11. The barrels are for a Ultimax 100 Mark 3. They are matching numbered barrels. Barrel one is used in excellent condition. Barrel two is UNFIRED. Both barrels are sold together. (will not sell separately) These are rare and do not come up for sale. Price for both is $6,995. FREE SHIPPING with insurance.
  12. I have 2 total cases of South African NON-corrosive, 308 mil-spec ball ammo. Each case comes with 9 total, 140 rounds per sealed rubber battle packs. 1,260 rounds per case. Price is $965 $720 per case plus $35 each shipped. Shipping will be UPS ground. Can not be shipped to restricted states. Please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering. Payment by business check, personal check or USPS money order. Thanks!
  13. NEW MK93 cradle mount with small pintle, NEW ammo can holder, NEW M123 light weight tripod, NEW T&E and a NEW large pintle option for the MK93. Price is $3,750. NEW PRICE IS $3,250. FREE SHIPPING with insurance. Please email with questions. Thank you!
  14. WTS: M134 Minigun Garwood Yoke

    Great! Please email me at: Thanks!