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  1. Need info on getting gun & sear to 07 SOT

    No, 2 FNCs. one is a howco folder that I bought as a MG and the second is a full stock that I bought as a parts gun and later bought a sear to make it a MG. been over 10 years, so I thought it was time to get the conversion done.
  2. I've been sitting on a semi FNC and registered sear for quite a while now and need to get off of my ass and get it to Curtis Higgins for the conversion. What is the process (legal requirements) I need to take to get the gun to Curtis and what would be the best way to ship the gun and sear? Separately or together? On my FNC HOWCO folder, the dealer had Curtis do the conversion before I bought it (NIB) so my form 4 states that the MG sear, #xxxxxxxx is in FNC #xxxxxxxxx. My form 4 for the sear is just that, sear #xxxx and no mention of a gun. After the marriage of sear to FNC is there anything I need to do regarding the registry? Thanks in advance. John
  3. What was your first major Machine Gun Shoot?

    I bought my first 2 NFA items in 2000 and went to my first MG shoot at Knob Creek in Fall of 2000. The first time was surreal and I was glued to the firing line when it was hot. The second time I was at the Creek was either fall '01 or '02 and I was less impressed with watching the firing line since I was a participant in the CampyBob Bulletfests in NE Ohio by then. My last time to the creek was Fall '04 and my wife and I never looked at the firing line one minute we were there, but instead looked at every item on every table in the vendor area. I was at all of the Ohio Bulletfests except the last one in 2007.