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  1. 1919 With FN30 Tripod Post sample PENDIND

    Looks like an FN30 tripod. Just fyi...
  2. Haha! Ok, that makes more sense now! I was pretty sure I bought them off this forum. Sorry about that. Going to go order one from you now. Thanks for your time!
  3. No, it was just the envelope with some o-rings. That's why I was wondering if I purchased something else. You are Alex K, correct?
  4. Hi Alex, I ordered a 1917 set a bit back, but I didn't receive a brass ring... just the o-rings. Was I supposed to get one?
  5. Hi gents. I'm in need of a water jacket filler plug for my build. Unfortunately, BMGparts is out of stock. Anyone have these lying around? Any condition is fine with me at this point. Would prefer a red filler plug, but won't be too picky at this point. Thanks! Please email me at Molonlabe1977 (at)
  6. WTS cobb 50 cal 3995+shipping

    Are you selling any PKM parts separately or just as an entire kit?
  7. LOL... Way to revive a total necropost! Btw, I bought one of these receivers from them when they originally posted this. Quality looking part. Still sitting somewhere in a box with a cetme kit waiting to be built.....
  8. Not sure how to msg, but I'll take these.