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  1. I have a fairly rare Glock 24P. It was made before the 24c. All numbers matching and comes with box but the tag is gone. Made in 94 so 1-10rd mag comes with it. It's is a Gen2 gun with ported/Comp barrel and standard sights. Only marked 24 not 24C. Looking for 300blk factory Ammo. 110gr super and 208 Amax subs.
  2. RARE Glock 24P $1200

    Yes I do. Shoot me an email!! gyz77 at
  3. I have a rare Glock 24P. These were made before the 24C designation was decided on. Gen2 comes with box but paper tag is worn off. All numbers match. This is not a 24 with added Comp barrel. It's a real G24P. Must have for the serious Glock Collector. $1200 shipped to FFL only.
  4. Need to sell my upper. It's slightly used LWRC piston M6A2 10.5" upper, KAC MK18 front sight, tuape but painted black, 2-600M micro rear, ACOG M240 with GDI Throw mount, AAC Blackout flash hider, NP3 BCG and a Wilcox Folding Grip Pod. The grip pod is all aluminum and 100X better than the crap plastic ones. $2250 OBO No trades cash only.