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  1. I will take 9 Rosco Made Italy - 3 1/4" Blade 7" OAL Auto Knife Looks Great! Collectors item from the 60s or 70s. - $45
  2. I bought some Ruger folding stock from you a while back and was wondering if you had any others or and parts for ruger folding stocks

  3. Wanted Ithaca Auto & Burglar
  4. I just got a reply it took several weeks but got a reply tonight
  5. WTS: Savage striker .308 $600 obo

    I am interested in this pistol get back to me
  6. I do not have the buffer and have read firing it without can cause the reciever to crack. My gun looks good no cracks but I do not have a buffer and the fox company on line seems to be out of business I tried to contact them several times. I see a square in the back of the reciever shaould the buffer fit around that square and not include it in the buffer material. Do you know where you can get that material They say the use delrin/\ Thanks
  7. Thanks, lots of good info however looks like the parts and board have been disabled last posts were in 2013
  8. I just bought one of these, I know this company used to be Fox but not much else. Some of their rifles had a combination lock this one does not. It does fire from and open bolt other than that I do not know much, Anyone have a good source of info on these. This one is in 95%+ condition.
  9. WTS: Savage striker .308 $600 obo

    Wood stock? ss or blue
  10. I need a 12 ga Blued Barrel, not black, for a Remington 870 2 3/4. I am looking for a long barrel not a home defense barrel
  11. Well I have not hear from the seller, but he has it marked still available
  12. Sent pm- I guess you do not reply to PMs