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  1. WTB: DPMS M16 4-Way Selector Kit

    Sorry, my original post was from 2016. Not in the market for another one at the moment, unless for super cheap. From another member: "They have them in the store under there Colt parts section but far from cheap"
  2. Sorry, I was on the road all yesterday. I will reach out to the both of you this morning.
  3. Price is now $ SHIPPED Also, includes one (1) 72 round drum PLUS one (1) 32 round Suomi stick magazine.
  4. Price is $ SHIPPED Also, includes one (1) 72 round drum PLUS one (1) 32 round Suomi stick magazine.
  5. SOLD PENDING FUNDS. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  6. All pictures have now been added to the original post. Thank you David!
  7. I have one Suomi M31 left for sale. It has been test fired, thoroughly cleaned/lubricated and ready to go! It is hammer fired (more reliable). There are some small dings to the original wooden stock, but everything else is BRAND NEW. TNW did the bolts, receivers, trigger groups. Stock and shroud are from standard fa parts kits. Barrel is minty fresh from BRP Corp. and will come threaded with end cover (no flash hider). It will include one (1) 72 round drum PLUS one (1) 32 round Suomi stick (most reliable) magazine.
  8. I updated the link. Works for me in both IE and Chrome. I am working on being able to add pictures here.
  9. I have never fired this weapon and it truly looks Brand New. This package includes a ton of spare parts, and seeing how Ruger is no longer servicing these…this is the ideal purchase if you are purchasing an AC-556 and/or 5.56 caliber MG. I am not looking to part anything out. Sold as a complete package deal as stated in title. If purchased alone, this package would total well over $18k. SOLD PENDING FUNDS. No 50/50. I will pay the first transfer fee (if necessary). Thank you for looking! Package includes all of the following: • Like New AC-556K Blued Factory Shorty Folder on Form 4 in PA. I have never fired it. The gun and all parts have only been meticulously cleaned and stored in temperature regulated safe. • SCAR Stock with strap. This was professionally installed and modified to accept 30 round magazines as well. • SilencerCo ASR 7.62 9/16x24 RH Muzzle Brake installed (original bird cage included). • Original folding stock and hand guard. • Accuracy Systems’ New Generation 4 Adjustable Gas Block .562” Size Black with removal tool. Currently installed with the SCAR stock. This looks great and perfect for suppressed fire. • Original Ruger gas block assembly. • One (1) 30 round New Ruger factory magazine (still in the original white cardboard mailing sleeve from the 80’s). • Sixteen (16) 30 round New Ruger factory magazines. • Four (4) 20 round New Ruger factory magazines. • One (1) 100 round New drum with case and loader. • Ciener .22lr kit with fourteen (14) Ciener 30 round factory steel magazines. • One (1) spare bolt. • Two (2) spare complete trigger groups. • Two (2) spare barrels with bird cages, mint condition. • Two (2) spare springs with one (1) spare op-rod. • Two (2) spare slide assemblies (charging handles). • Two (2) spare complete selector switches (These are the parts that can break if not operated correctly.) • Two (2) spare rocker arms. • Two (2) spare factory gas plugs. • Multiples of each Factory Replacement Gas Bushings including: .085”, .035”, .040”, .045”, .050” • Also a few other small replacement parts for the receiver.
  10. Very sorry for the slow reply. I will send you a PM back now.
  11. To my knowledge, this upper will only work with an M-11/9. The M-11/9 is longer than the M-11A1.
  12. WTS SABRE 5.56 Upper for M11/9 SOLD WTS NIB SABRE 5.56 Upper for M10/45 SOLD Both are in excellent condition. The M10 SABRE is NIB. The M11 SABRE is in excellent condition with a mint barrel. Special buffer piece included. Please PM me if interested or with any questions. Thanks.