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  1. Have for sale (3) NEW USGI Browning 1919 headspace and timing gauge sets, 2 are new in wrap and one is new out of wrap. These are the 3 piece set that are connected with a chain, These are VERY difficult to find and BMG parts gets $200 a set!!! They are available at $125 ea shipped CONUS. This Ad is cross posted, Please email me directly: m1thumb@att.net Preferred payments are PayPal Friends/Family Gift or USPS money order. Thank you for looking, Randell
  2. WTB Norinco AK slant muzzle brake

    Hope this helps!!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/151949616411
  3. Have for sale a "pre ban" Norinco AR15/M16 120 Rd drum. This is New/NOS and still in the wrap along with "MADE IN CHINA" sticker right above the "36" in a triangle. One corner of plastic bag has been open but not far enough to remove drum from packaging. Price is $220 shipped CONUS , prefer PayPal friends/Family or USPS money order for quicker shipping, please contact me for other payment options and it may take up to 2 weeks for other payments to clear. I will ship to "restricted " states with copy of coresponding LE ID and or Large capacity magazine permit. I will include a 3 day non firing inspection period ( as long as it is NOT removed from bag) and will refund purchase price less ALL shipping costs. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thank you--Randell
  4. Have for sale what appears to be NEW and unused Choate MP5K/ SP89 (and clones) folding stock. Price is $110 shipped CONUS. I will accept PayPal friends/family (preferred) Or USPS money order for fast shipping or please contact me for other for types of payments and it may take up to 2 weeks for payment to clear. I will give a 3 day non firing inspection and a full refund less all shipping costs. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thank you-Randell
  5. Have for sale some Collectable and Shootable USGI 30-06 and .45 ACP ammunition, Please go to picture link to see what is available and PLEASE see ALL pictures as some items have multiple pic’s to show condition. Prices are listed below with line number that corresponds with item # in pictures. Please feel free to ask any questions and all shipping will be Actual UPS Cost from Nor Cal zip 95623 . Please Note I’m NOT an Expert in USGI Ammo and items are cross posted, The First unconditional “ I Will Take it” gets it Thank you —Randell ***picture link :*** http://s520.photobucket.com/user/m1thumb/library/collectible%20ammo **SPF**1) Lake City M2 ball,(30-06) 520 rds in sealed can $390 **SPF**2) LC .30 match M72 $25 3) FA .30 Match T291 $25 **SPF**4) FA .30 1940 Nat. Match $25 **SPF**5) TW .30 M2 $20 6) FA .30 M1 $20 7) SL .30 M2 $20 8) .276 Pederson $100 **SPF** 9) WCC 64’ .45 ACP Match $35 (50 rds) 10) FA 45 ACP lot F.A. 954 $20 11) FA 45 ACP lot F.A. 629 $20 **SPF**12) FA 45 ACP lot 356(?) tape on box $15 **SPF**13) FA 45 ACP lot F.A. 539 (1913 date?) $20 **SPF**14)Winchester 42’ Ammo on strippers in Bandolier $35 has some condition concerns, see all pic’s 15&16) Denver 43’ Bandoliers on strippers , nice and clean $45 per bandolier #15 **SPF**
  6. M-14 Parts

    Hi, I have several USGI M14 parts kits available along with some other small parts. Please pm me with your wants. Thank you--Randell PS I may have the night vision mount
  7. WTS M84 / M1D Sniper scope

    Still available
  8. WTS M84 / M1D Sniper scope

    Have for sale a pretty nice M84 scope. It is an original USGI scope, it has a slight amount of surface rust on tube between adjustment knobs and eye piece and the typical paint stuck on glass on inside, otherwise a nice original scope. Price is $950 + shipping. I will give a 3 day inspection. I can take PayPal (friends & family) Thank you and please see pictures, link: http://s520.photobucket.com/user/m1thumb/library/M84%20scope
  9. WTS: USGI M14 parts

    PM sent on bolts
  10. Hi , I have for sale a near complete DSA FAL Heavy barrel Parts kit. The kit was disassembled from a factory built DSA rifle that went a different direction. This kit has DSA "lightweight" aluminum lower, front sight ears have been "shaved" for scope use, bore is mirror bright with no defects seen and also has DSA aluminum Free Float handguard. Please see all pictures for parts included (just missing a few small parts...) There are some usage and handling marks such as small scuffs and scratches in paint. I Will include a 3 day inspection period and I will refund buyers purchase price less Any shipping fee's( buyer pays shipping costs) The asking price is $550 + shipping, I will accept USPS money order, bank check and discreet PayPal with friends and family option. Please see picture link below, Thank you for looking! Note- this is cross posted http://s520.photobucket.com/user/m1thumb/library/DSA%20FAL%20kit
  11. WTB Old Shotgun News

    Found!!! Thanks Buddy!!
  12. WTB Old Shotgun News

    Hello, looking for some old copy's of Shotgun News from the 80's to early 90's looking for intact and readable condition hopefully will no bodily fluids stained in them ;-) Willing to pay a reasonable $$$ Thank you --Randell
  13. Have for sale approximately 150 pieces of 20 mm Vulcan Brass cases. They all appear to be pulled and unfired. They also appear to be electro-primed. Asking $1.50 ea plus actual shipping. Thanks for looking.****Sold Pending Funds ****
  14. WTB: Johnson 1941 barrel 30-06

    Hi Chris, Call Joseph Scott (assuming he is still around) he was making barrels. Good luck!! Let me know if it works out--Randell His #(409) 722-6279