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  1. Thompson drum magazine 50 or 100

    PM sent
  2. sold - Delete

    Boom Doc, I sent a email last week advising I would take one, no response. Please advise
  3. sold - Delete

    Email send. I'll take one.
  4. Belgian FN FAL PARA w/Extras $5K

    Interested in a rare USMC Springfield sniper or some nice all matching 98K's in trade?
  5. SPF: Transferable Savage M1 Thompson (REDUCED, $18,750)

    How is this TSMG registered. Is it C&R eligible?
  6. Trench shotgun buttstock

    Pictures please
  7. F5 With conditions

    Hard to read on this paperwork but could be "99-308" as well. Thanks for the comment
  8. F5 With conditions

    Can somebody advise if the weapon on a Form 5 with the following notation in the Approved box is transferable to an individual. Approved (with the following condition) " Restricted Registration - possession limited to continued compliance with provisions of public law 93-308. Weapon is a machine gun. Thanks
  9. Rock Island Armory transferable M60E6 RIA

    Got a ZB26 for sale/trade?
  10. WTB Colt M16A1

    Wouldn't have ZB26 you would want to trade would you?
  11. Are the 98K's in the background for sale?
  12. Mg34 saddle drum top cover

    Any interest in a doulble barrel carrier with two matching serial number barrels marked 3 and 4? Barrel are like new condition inside and out. $650 Ken
  13. WTB: Reising

    Try B3 Armament Chantilly, Va, Bernie has 2 that I saw last weekend at a Gunshow. Both nice guns and for sale.
  14. Need to purchase a good condition Colt 21 TSMG complete butt stock with hardware.