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  1. Fraud Alert!!!!

    Reply Reply All Forward
  2. Fraud Alert!!!!

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  3. Do you load the 7.62x39 into standard DM1 belts ?
  4. WWII Savage M1A1 Thompson for sale $20,995

    Pictures Please
  5. Please send me your email address. Ken
  6. WTS: MM23e w/acc $11,000 plus shiping.

    Does this 23 have a PTR marked receiver?
  7. Thompson drum magazine 50 or 100

    PM sent
  8. sold - Delete

    Boom Doc, I sent a email last week advising I would take one, no response. Please advise
  9. sold - Delete

    Email send. I'll take one.
  10. Belgian FN FAL PARA w/Extras $5K

    Interested in a rare USMC Springfield sniper or some nice all matching 98K's in trade?
  11. SPF: Transferable Savage M1 Thompson (REDUCED, $18,750)

    How is this TSMG registered. Is it C&R eligible?
  12. Trench shotgun buttstock

    Pictures please
  13. F5 With conditions

    Hard to read on this paperwork but could be "99-308" as well. Thanks for the comment
  14. F5 With conditions

    Can somebody advise if the weapon on a Form 5 with the following notation in the Approved box is transferable to an individual. Approved (with the following condition) " Restricted Registration - possession limited to continued compliance with provisions of public law 93-308. Weapon is a machine gun. Thanks
  15. Rock Island Armory transferable M60E6 RIA

    Got a ZB26 for sale/trade?