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  1. looking for 1919A1 parts kits

    thanks for the link j50
  2. looking for 1919A1 parts kits

    reasonable price would be good pics and price please and location
  3. I am looking for 1919 parts kits it seem everyone and there uncle had them for sale when I didnt need one now i want to buy one and I cant seem to find them anyone have any leads thanks Albert
  4. WTB M27 SAW Links

    try sweetwater armory look them up on google
  5. M60 predator back pack wanted

    thanks Adrian Aaron was the first person I called he does not have them
  6. looking to purchase a predator backpack for the m60 , looking for a complete pack, or if you have any parts needed to complete one please send me an email thanks
  7. I need oirginal colt 38 super magazines in blued or SS finish prefer new or slightly used I only want original magazines I need about 10 to 15 of them email me with waht you have please thanks
  8. I need original colt magazines in 38 super blued or SS I need them new in the wrapper or hardly used I need 10 to 15 of them email me please with what you have