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  1. WTB M60Joe AM180 drum loader

    The one EL makes is a clear tray that connects to the drum and you can put maybe 10-15 in it and have to rotate. Lather, rinse, repeat. The M60 joe one you dump the rounds into that hopper and they all fall into a slot and then that connects to the drum and you can load them way faster. Of course i can't find the M60Joe video This is the EL loader. It's faster then by hand but not as fast as M60joe.
  2. Ill take 4 and 14. Payment sent 4/20
  3. WTB M60Joe AM180 drum loader

    Looking to buy one of the American 180 drums loaders made by M60Joe. Sales AT
  4. FN 249S Barrel Question

    Rate of fire.
  5. Thats sad to hear. I remember talking to him a few times on the phone. Incredibly nice guy. That PM12 and M3 can of his are so damn quiet. They are always a hit at shoots. I wish i would have gotten the Swedish k one.
  6. FN 249S Barrel Question

    Whats the ROF with the adjustable regulator?
  7. WTK: Threaded or 3-Lug Beretta PM12 barrel

    I haven't seen either of the two. If you are looking for a can SCRC made some nice ones that replace your endcap and no need for an additional barrel.
  8. WTB DShK Parts & Loader

  9. For sale: Once fired 30mm (30x173mm) aluminum cases. Primer and ignition tube (i believe thats what they are called?) still intact. $10 each. Shipping depends on qty. More available then pictured. Additional ignition tubes available.
  10. WTB: FN-D parts kit

    Still looking
  11. Potential Scam Accounts

    I had a WTB ad up for an FND 308 kit. Got an PM from "SQUIER" (account created last week) to message this lady because she has some. . Running it through google there are a mess of pages that pop up offering all kinds of stuff going to this email address. I sent an email and asked for pics. The pic was of a kit but when you google "FND-308 kit" they used the first pic that pops up.
  12. WTB: FN-D parts kit

    Still looking.
  13. WTB. DShK Shoulder stock

    Still looking
  14. WTB. DShK Shoulder stock

    Looking for a shoulder stock for a DShK. Sales at arcticarms . Com