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  1. FN 249S Barrel Question

    Rate of fire.
  2. Thats sad to hear. I remember talking to him a few times on the phone. Incredibly nice guy. That PM12 and M3 can of his are so damn quiet. They are always a hit at shoots. I wish i would have gotten the Swedish k one.
  3. FN 249S Barrel Question

    Whats the ROF with the adjustable regulator?
  4. WTK: Threaded or 3-Lug Beretta PM12 barrel

    I haven't seen either of the two. If you are looking for a can SCRC made some nice ones that replace your endcap and no need for an additional barrel.
  5. WTB DShK Parts & Loader

  6. For sale: Once fired 30mm (30x173mm) aluminum cases. Primer and ignition tube (i believe thats what they are called?) still intact. $10 each. Shipping depends on qty. More available then pictured. Additional ignition tubes available.
  7. WTB: FN-D parts kit

    Still looking
  8. Potential Scam Accounts

    I had a WTB ad up for an FND 308 kit. Got an PM from "SQUIER" (account created last week) to message this lady because she has some. . Running it through google there are a mess of pages that pop up offering all kinds of stuff going to this email address. I sent an email and asked for pics. The pic was of a kit but when you google "FND-308 kit" they used the first pic that pops up.
  9. WTB: FN-D parts kit

    Still looking.
  10. WTB. DShK Shoulder stock

    Still looking
  11. WTB. DShK Shoulder stock

    Looking for a shoulder stock for a DShK. Sales at arcticarms . Com
  12. Found please delete

    Please delete FOUND ONE
  13. WTB DShK Parts & Loader

    One year bump!
  14. WTB: FN-D parts kit

    BUMP.. Still looking for a 308 barrel and trigger group or a whole 308 kit.