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  1. Steyr-Mannlicher police and civilian owners manuals and simi auto firing pin $100 plus shipping ( $5 ) funds USPS cashiers check.
  2. Peters Thompson riot shot cartridges for use in Type XX 18 shot magaazine. Excellent condition 18 in total $150. funds in USPS money order. Shipping included in price.
  3. Rusco canvass L drum carrying case with carrying sling. Straw colored, excellent condition $250 plus shipping. USPS money order
  4. New unfired 9MM -10 1/2" Thompson barrels. $200 each plus shipping.
  5. Original commercial Type L drum pouch for the 1921/28 Thompson. No manufacturer markings, dark yellow/straw in color, like new condition with sling. $250 plus shipping ,ups money order.
  6. 1921 Colt Thompson Actuator. Original 1921 part. In excellent condition except for coloration. $900 USD. Certified check or US Postal money order. Shipping included.
  7. You will note that a 3-4 inch center section in the receiver has been removed in order to render the firearm useless. Other than the receiver all internal and external parts are USGI original.and in like new condition. the parts set is 100% complete except for the receiver. $3500 plus HIS, Payment by USPS money order or cashiers check
  8. Japanese type 100 Bayonet for paratrooper or type 100 SMG
  9. Cashiers check or USPO-MO: to BILL, Samson Way, Omaha, LLC. 29 South Point Dr. Asheville, NC 28804
  10. Rare NY type "L" drum. This drum has a blued rooter compared to the nickel rooters. It is a late Colt production and has stamped across the front plate ( WIND TO 9 CLICKS ) both front and rear nomenclature plates have the standard NY drum information. The drum is in like new mint condition. $1500 plus postage. Bill......865.640.2524 .
  11. Karl Gustav 9mm barrel parkerized, new $100 plus postage. Pemco....865.640.2524
  12. Thanks for your response. The only things I have left are 1 NY drum (unnumbered) and my only Colt-1921 actuator. Both are in like-new condition and are totally original. Drum is $1,200 and the actuator is $1,000. I will pay HIS. Accepted payment is USPO-MO or cashier's check. Please send me your contact information.
  13. I have 12 drums with canvas cases. I am only selling 8 of them ( 3 Bridgeports and 5 NY ) all are like new condition. The Bridgeports are $900 ea. without canvas cases and the NY $1200 ea. without canvas cases. The 21 actuators are $1000 ea. you can reach me at 865-640-2524
  14. Tell me what items you are interested in. They are too numerous to itemize. Thanks.