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  1. Seeking pre-ban rifle magazines for AR platform, Ruger 10/22, Mini-14, AK (7.62x39). These MUST have been manufactured before 1994 as they'll come to live in a state that still has Clinton's AWB in force. Any dates on the mag body MUST be before 1994. Looking for operational mags, Ramline, Eagle, Colt, Thermold, Made in England, IDI, Adventureline, Okay, Simmons, Labelle, Sanchez, ChiCom, Warsaw Pact, I will pay by USPS money order for mags and shipping costs. Thanks, Rich
  2. WTS Tapco AK Mags

  3. AVAILABLE: 15 New TAPCO AK 47 30 round 7.62x39 magazines. Never used. $10 apiece Add $5 for shipping up to three mags. $10 for shipping up to 10.
  4. David, Do theses mags have dates stamped on the outside?? Do you have any idea WHEN theses were manufactured? Thanks, Rich
  5. Have the following AR parts for sale: 1 - NEW Nikon M-223 scope mount. Fits 1" tube diameter rifle scopes. Never used. One piece, alloy construction - $75.00. 1- NEW Complete Windham Weaponry M-16 BCG, part #8448501, Never used. In original shipping bag- $115.00. 1- NEW WMD Guns AR Nickel Boron BCG/ w Hammer. Original package. Never used. - $165.00. 10 - A2 Grips for AR, M4, M-16. Were part of CMMG LPKs but never used. $1/each Will ship at your cost. Not interested in trades. Prefer PO money order. Will meet FTF if you're in eastern MA, southern ME or southern NH. Thanks
  6. Seeking to buy used, decent shape, pre-ban 30- and 20-round AR magazines. Looking to spend $10-15 a piece for Colt, Sanchez, Cooper, Adventureline, OKay Industries, etc. Only 20-30 round mags legal and useable in MA are pre-ban. Please help out if you can. Much appreciated. Ship would be to NH so there's no problems.