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  1. WTB: turret support ring M988 HMMWV

    PM sent
  2. If you can't find a Chinese bayonet the Bulgarian is very close and a lot cheaper. It might suffice until you find an original. Polytech Parts isn't showing any of the other parts you're looking for. I see a guy at local gun shows occasionally who has nothing but AK parts. Sometimes he has some pretty good Chinese stuff. I think his name is Corey. He sets up at Knob Creek as well. Wish I had his contact info.
  3. WTB: M-79 grenade launcher barrel

    Ron, send me a message.
  4. I tend to agree with Sammy on most things. He's a relatively knowledgeable individual. I look at the enhancements and markings on these receivers and just shake my head. There is no way that I would spend (risk) that amount of money on something as shady as one of those. The facts are clear on the markings and serial numbers being post 1986. There is no evidence that any of us are privy to that would put all this speculation to rest. All I'm saying is this. The law on machine gun possession is pretty clear. No machine gun made after May, 19, 1986 can be lawfully possessed by an individual. What does that mean to me? That I would not consider purchasing "paper" NFA items or "remanufactured" NFA items because in reality they did not physically exist prior to May 19, 1986. While the ATF allowed a few instances of rule bending (violations of the law) there is absolutely no guarantee that they won't decide to enforce the law one day and declare these as non transferable post 1986 machine guns. The fact that these guns did not physically exist on May 19, 1986 is enough to discourage me from paying any amount of money for them. Yes, the serial numbers are in the registry and the ATF has approved their transfer. That is absolutely no guarantee when dealing with the ATF. There are multiple instances documented where the ATF declared a device or conversion non NFA and later rescinded that determination making those items post 1986 restricted. The ATF also approved a Form 1 application to make a post 1986 machine gun for a trust. They sent the approved form out with a tax stamp on it. Then they quickly notified the individual that it was invalid. The ATF allowed SGW for a time to replace receivers with new ones. They abruptly stopped the practice too. Why? Probably something to do with the law stating "made after May 19, 1986." Most people avoid the remanufactured SGW receivers believing that they are "risky" because there is no exception in the law for replacement of pre 1986 machine guns with new ones. So, the ATF can go by the law when they decide to and declare something illegal when in fact, by the letter of the law, it is illegal. Remember that part about being manufactured "before" May 19, 1986 in order to be transferable? So, if someone can come up with definitive proof that a Colt Mfg Co M4 Enhanced existed prior to May 19, 1986 I'll buy you a steak dinner with all the trimmings. All you would need would be the original Form 2 registration or the results of a FOIA request. Anyone?
  5. Helpful info on an FNC

    Nace, The FNC is a very rugged and well built gun but it is one of those that fits into a collection. I would not recommend it as a first NFA purchase. It is a one trick pony and spare parts and accessories are scarce and expensive. I have one and love it in its as manufactured state. I've read that the firing pin is the weak point of the system but I've never seen one break. Fortunately there are a few companies making replacements. Now, with respect to M16's, that is a wise first NFA purchase. It is a platform and can assume any roll. It can be a .22 machine gun, a 9mm SMG, a 5.56mm carbine, automatic rifle, and LMG. I would have no qualms with an aftermarket lower especially if I was looking for a shooter. I would verify who made the lower as there are some that are more/less desirable. The SGW lowers have a reputation for being slightly out of spec but this can be easily corrected. The Essential Arms lowers have a reputation for being soft but they can be easily repaired if they get out of spec. The more desirable lowers are the PAWS and Rock Island. I would take the seller up on his offer and go to the range to try them out. If the aftermarket gun runs as well as the Colt then there is no reason not to save the difference. The nice thing about the M16 lower is that it can be built and rebuilt in any configuration you desire. I would not let its present configuration be a determining factor on whether or not to purchase.
  6. WTB: Original C&R M16

    I have one but not for sale at this time. I'd be happy to help out with information though. I believe that Ruben had a model 601 for sale recently that had been refurbished. It was very reasonably priced from what I recall.
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