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  1. Need the length of the tube part that is circled in red. Trying to repair and want to make sure that I get the length as close as possible. If anyone has access to blueprints etc for the M30, that would be awesome or a source to find them from. Picture of part
  2. Unknown 20mm Barrel

    Does anyone have an idea what this 20mm barrel is from?
  3. WTB: M30 4.2" mortar items

  4. WTB: M30 4.2" mortar items

  5. WTB: M30 4.2" mortar items

  6. WTB: M30 4.2" mortar items

    Looking for in USA or overseas (does not matter) Finders fee paid 1. Part Number: 7144189 NSN: 1015-00-714-4189 Description: Elevating Screw Housing Assembly Or a complete uncut front Standard would be find (T&E) 2. Need 2x Part Number: 11578073 NSN: 1015-00-805-3266 Description: SHOCK ABSORBER ASSEMBLY
  7. Looking for a complete top cover and feed tray for a M73A1 or M219. Also looking for complete charging assembly with chain and handle. Thanks Jason
  8. out there. looking for one of them. thanks jason
  9. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    Can't beat a M73.
  10. and the standard M14 went for today in the Rock Island Auction? Thanks jason
  11. Just curious, also might be a buyer.
  12. WTS: Fully Transferable AVT-40 $10,500

  13. AVT-40 machine gun. There are almost none of these around. This gun has been tested and operates flawlessly. Registered by C.C. Distributing Company. This gun comes with an extra barrel and an extra bolt carrier assembly. Currently on Form 3 at my dealer in the Atlanta Ga 30319 404-665-6411