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  1. WTB: Cradle for M73C .308 MG

    Looking for the following mount.
  2. Anyone else watching the high prices, esp of Full Semi-Auto (to use a CNN term) guns that are going through today. I think they are going very high.... What's your opinion?
  3. Looking for a nice M73, M73E1 or M219 that is dewat, transferable, C&R or Pre86. Can just be a mangled received, just looking for either a project or ready to go (if it decides to work that day) .308. Thanks Jason
  4. WTB: M73, M73E1, M219 .308 parts

    Looking for parts for a M73 series beltfed. Let me know what you have. Thanks Jason
  5. Ithica M3A1 in Excellent Condition, Pre-May Sales Sample

    Still available?
  6. WTB: M73E1 / M219 .308 MG parts

    Let me know what you have, interested in parts kits as wel,.
  7. looking for the following parts for a M73E1
  8. 1. 1005-950-0790 STOP ASSEMBLY, CARTRIDGE: 11013395 (19204) 2. FEED SUPPORT ASSEMBLY: 7793613 (19204) 3. 1005-690-0618 RETAINER, FEED SUPPORT: 7793598 (19204) 4. 1005-690-0550 PLUNGER, RETAINERS: S, 0.249 OD, 0.173 ID, 0.380 H 7793479 (19204) 5. 1005-690-0569 SPRING, HELICAL, COMPRESSION: 7793507 (19204) 6. PLATE ASSEMBLY: BACK, W/SOLENOID 11013437 (19204) 7. CHARGER ASSEMBLY: 7793684 (19204)
  9. WTB: Pre-May M14

    Looking for a nice pre-may M14 Thanks Jason
  10. WTB M73 .308 parts kit

  11. WTB: Pre-May Stoner 63 or 63A1

  12. WTB: prepay American 180

    Please let me know what you have and price. Thanks jason
  13. WTB M73 Parts

    Looking for M73 / M219 .308 parts, any and all. Thanks Jason
  14. Looking for part number 7188679 for a M37 thanks
  15. Looking for M73 Vehicle Mount

    Looking for the follow M73 MG mount. Thanks Jason