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  1. M37 BMG Conversion

    Thanks for the replies, very much appreciated..
  2. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    Have a very nice Saco M37 with tripod Pre-May, 18K
  3. M37 BMG Conversion

    Can a M37 BMG be converted to 308? Thanks Jason
  4. Buffalo Arms C&R AN/M2 30 cal Value

    22-25K no problem.
  5. M16s come down some - Morphy Auction today

    It said it sold for about 31K before buyer's premium and the auctioneer said sold. Now it's not even showing up on any searches. If I had won that, I would be filing a lawsuit if they tried to back out of the sale. There was no stated reserve. J.
  6. Was it me or were various versions of M16s selling cheap. Also the T161 sold cheap in my opinion
  7. AR-15 Lower not a receiver? Does this mean I can drill and install an auto sear parts in the lower of a AR-15 and not have a MG receiver since an AR-15 lower is technically and legally not a receiver? Oh the fun that can be had with this... Looks like a wide open loophole for legal conversions of AR-15 lowers... :-)
  8. Went to a show this past weekend and was offered a m67 90mm parts kit with a cut barrel. The rest is complete but barrel is cut in half. What are these going for? He wants $1500 for it. Thanks.
  9. Any M120 120mm mortar for sale?

    Person who replied is a scammer.
  10. Looking for tube, cup, bipod, baseplate etc. Thanks jason
  11. Scammer and teolling the wanted to buy boards
  12. WTB M30 4.2 mortar components.

    I have a set of demilled shock absorbers for the m30 mortar if you are still looking. 404 665 6411
  13. Any M120 120mm mortar for sale?

    Looking for any M120 Mortars or parts to include base plate, tube, cup etc. Thanks jason
  14. Need the length of the tube part that is circled in red. Trying to repair and want to make sure that I get the length as close as possible. If anyone has access to blueprints etc for the M30, that would be awesome or a source to find them from. Picture of part
  15. Unknown 20mm Barrel

    Does anyone have an idea what this 20mm barrel is from?