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  1. WTS/WTT: SP89/MP5K price drop

    I will take it per our conversation. TH
  2. I will take it.
  3. no, really. I will. Please email or message me for payment information.
  4. Is the surefire rail a tri rail that fits the MP5 or HK 53? If so, I will take it for $110.
  5. RL, I couldnt agree more. I would like to add that if someone wants to offer 70% of my asking price, please dont bother. If you do and I ask are you serious, dont cuss and rant at me because of your inability to communicate in a professional manner. Try acting like an adult and not hide behind the anonymity of the internet. I.E. dont say crap you wouldnt say to my face. I like the new layout, but it seems to have attracted an inordinate amount of trolling douches like you find on other boards.
  6. WTS SWD M11 9mm, Silencer and extras $7500

    Found the styrofoam and original manual.
  7. m134 minigun no letter req

  8. I have an M16A1 that is like new. I have only fired the 20" upper for 30 rounds. The 10.5" upper never got fired. I have used my Noveske upper when I wanted to shoot it which is not much. Both uppers are Colt with Colt BCG's. I cerakoted the BCG in the 10.5 with slick coat and shot it in my Noveske to see if it did in fact work better and was easier to clean. I think it works pretty well, especially since I used a suppressor. The BCG in the 20" is just like it came from Colt. Let me know if you would like more pictures. The price is $25,000 for the lower and both Colt uppers. The gun is at my dealer for sale locally. This will help expedite the transfer out of state as well since it can transfer on a form three to your dealer. Tim
  9. I have an SWD M11 in 9mm that will come with everything shown including an original Cobray laser, Cobray carry case, barrel extension, loader, cleaning rod, 10 mags, LAGE fixed stock, original stock and Thompson Machine silencer. Price is $7500 for everything. My email is tdhovey@gmail.com.
  10. I have a new Lage 31A I would like to trade for a Lage 31 like new or used very little. thanks, Tim
  11. SOLD. WTB transferable m11 or m10 9/45

    pm sent where are you in FLA. I have a dealer in Jacksonville I have worked with before.
  12. Can I assume this is a Registered Receiver gun?