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  1. Potential Scam Accounts

    Here is more on this. ^^^^^^^ Sturmgewehr payment sturngewehrr@gmail.com Please make out the check to Name - Miguel Angel garrido Gonzales Address - 801 Hamilton Street, Johnson City, TN 37604 I await your FFL and SOT Please let me have a confirmation once the check is mailed
  2. WTS: No Letter Post Valkyrie Belt Fed M16 $600

  3. WTS: No Letter Post Sample AK47 $600

    Seconds. Will you email or pm me please sir.
  4. WTS: Flemming Registered HK Sear, Form 3, FL, 26k

    Pics please.
  5. m134 minigun no letter req

  6. m134 minigun no letter req

    Email sent.
  7. Scar Scam

    Anybody who got took for the FDE Scar parts and or the Black scar rifle from Joseph Lawson ggfit124@hotmail.com Please email me your contact info as we are putting a case together. extremetacticalmt@gmail.com
  8. WTS Fn Scar 17s fde Kit.

    Pictures yes.
  9. WTS Fn Scar 17s fde Kit.

    We are awaiting this item to arrive........
  10. WTS: German HK MP5K $29,900

    Pics to extremetacticalmt@gmail.com please
  11. WTS: HK91 - *SOLD*

    Message sent.
  12. List of FFLs Willing to Transfer Title 1 Firearms

    Title one and title two. Extreme Tactical Kalispell, MT 406-250-4320 sales@extreme-tactical.com Www.extreme-tactical.com