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  1. WTB: MP35/I

    Greasegunner, how much for the EMP? Looking to buy one. PM me with photos and details. Todd in Oregon
  2. Will this kit work with a full auto FN FAL ? How many magazines are included? What is the magazine capacity? Todd in Oregon
  3. German MP40 Matching Parts Kit

    I'll take it. Sending PM and email to you now. Todd in Oregon
  4. A Thompson Compendium

    Have had my copy now for over a month. A great book that delves into certain aspects of the Thompson's history that other books overlook. Would highly recommend if you are a serious collector! Todd in Oregon
  5. A Thompson Compendium

    Just bought a copy! Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  6. delete

    More pictures please. . Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  7. WTS AUSTEN mk1 9MM

    Is this Austen Mk1 C&R rated? Very interested in purchasing. Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  8. WTT C&R MP40 Hank Williams Jr. Amnesty Gun

    I'm interested. How can you confirm provenance? Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  9. WTS: Bergmann 34 Parts Kit

    I would be interested in buying just the magazine. PM or email me Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  10. WTS: Transferable WWII German MP44

    Well said BRMCII . Couldn't understand why your post was attacked either. Todd in Oregon
  11. WTS: Transferable WWII German MP44

    Is this MP44 C&R ? Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  12. WTS: Mp-34 Mags and pouch

    Would like to purchase. Sent email. Todd in Oregon
  13. C&R German Maxim 08/15 runs amazing $8700

    Hi, is this MG 08/15 C&R rated? Sending you a PM. Todd in Oregon
  14. WTB MP35/I mags

    I'm looking for mags for my Bergmann MP35/I. 20 rd or 32 rd . Any condition is fine. Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  15. Wts 1918 chauchat in 30-06

    Hi, can you please send me some pictures? Sent you a private message with my email address. Thanks, Todd in Oregon