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  1. WTB MP35/I mags

    I'm looking for mags for my Bergmann MP35/I. 20 rd or 32 rd . Any condition is fine. Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  2. Wts 1918 chauchat in 30-06

    Hi, can you please send me some pictures? Sent you a private message with my email address. Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  3. WTT: Very Rare Advanced Collector C&R MP38/40

    Hi, I'm interested. Can you send me some photos? I sent you a private message with my email address. Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  4. WTS Phoenix Armory m14

    I'm interested. I would like to see pictures. I sent you a private message. Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  5. WTS: German FG42 on F3. $235k

    Fantastic piece! How many magazines are included? Todd in Oregon
  6. WTS MP43

    I would like to see some photos of your MP43. I sent you an email. Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  7. C&R m3 greasegun $23k

    Can you post a photo of the left side? Does it have the welded bar over the mag release button that the British added to most of the Lend Lease M3's they received? Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  8. WTS: Fully transferable FN M240b (MAG58), $189K

    I'm just curious, how is this M240 fully transferable (and not a post May '86) if it was made in the early 2000's ? Interested in buying. Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  9. WTB MP40 barrel assembly

    Hi, I'm looking for a complete MP40 barrel assembly (barrel,barrel nut, front site etc.) Please IM me. Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  10. MG08/15 in 308 or 8mm

    Is this MG08/15 C&R rated? Todd in Oregon
  11. WTS M1 Bridgeport Thompson WWII

    The upper receiver and lower trigger frame are both Savage made. Nice M1! Todd in Oregon
  12. WTS: Transferable Machine Pistol $26,000

    Hi, is this machine pistol selective fire? Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  13. WTS: C&R North Korean PPSH 41 SPF

    Hi, I'm interested in buying. I sent you a Private Message. Thanks, Todd in Oregon
  14. How much is the M1928A1 ? Todd in Oregon
  15. WTB USGI 1918A2 BAR

    Looking for USGI 1918A2 BAR . I have the ability to pay cash. Please send private message. Don't waste your time if you are a lowlife scammer. I will contact the authorities. Thank you, Todd in Oregon