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  1. WTS: M249 nutsacks and boxes

    Surplus woodland camo nutsacks. $25 ea Surplus 200 rd boxes. $15 ea. Multiple of each available (pic only shows a representative sample). Each will come with starter tabs as long as the supply holds out. All are plus USPS Priority mail shipping (so shipping depends on how many I can fit in the smallest box). USPS MO ONLY.
  2. WTS: TSMG Lyman rear sight $220 shipped

    Looks new. $220 shipped padded envelope. Faster shipping if you want to pay for it.
  3. WTB: QD muzzle device for Bushmaster Carbon Rifle

    Several years ago I loaned my muzzle device from my BM Carbon rifle to a 'friend' so he could examine it for a project. Never got it back and he's dead now so it isn't gonna happen. If you have one you would like to sell email me If you don't have one for sale but you know where I can purchase one (or your Google-fu is better than mine), let me know I'll pay a finders fee of $10 cashola.
  4. rdias spring

    What about using an AR15 or AK47 disconnecter spring?
  5. Your pick. $55/ea shipped. All are 1/2x28 threads. If you have an 18t mounted AAC silencer and don't like the tuning fork mounts this is your pot at the end of the rainbow. The two on the left are marked YHM. Rest are AAC and unmarked.
  6. WTS BNIB Choate adjustable folding stock for HK 93 and MP5. $110 shipped. USPS MO ONLY. Have several available.
  7. Just like the title says. Most are used, some are new or would pass as new. $75 gets you the best of whatever style you prefer including shipping. All are 1/2x28. Combined shipping and quantity deals encouraged.
  8. WTS: AAC 762SD F3 Oregon $375 now with 2 mounts!

    Bump with final price drop and added one additional mount included.
  9. WTS: HK91 WTS set trigger and Magpul stock set

    Still available.
  10. WTS: AAC 762SD F3 Oregon $375 now with 2 mounts!

    Found a couple more mounts (not pictured). The dirty mounts spent some time in an ultrasonic cleaner and look great now. 2 of the mounts are 5/8x24, the rest are 1/2x28
  11. WTS: AAC 762SD F3 Oregon $375 now with 2 mounts!

    ***SPF***This is an AAC 762SD 308 can that I bought years ago. It is made with 718 Iconel and 316 Stainless and is full auto rated. Excellent condition as pictured. Less than 100 rounds through it, all of which was 556. Comes as pictured with ***TWO*** muzzle devices (several pictured, you get your choice). Selling because I don't want to fiddle with the mount drama. If you so some research, the 18t mounts are the ones that your can will loosen up on during firing. There are some fixes online but I am not interested in tinkering with this. ***SPF***$375 with two muzzle devices. It's in my inventory, on F3 in Oregon. If you want to make the trip to come pick it up, I will do your F4 transfer for $1 Funds up front. You agree to start paperwork immediately (exact terms to be negotiated based on reasonable time frame). Additional muzzle devices $75 OBO / ea. The new BO mount in the package is 5/8x24. You get your pick of any pictured.
  12. Williams set trigger in a factory HK91 0-1 lower, wood grip. Sweetest trigger for your 91 or PTR etc AND Magpul PRS stock and rear metal. WTS set trigger conversion work $250 Wood grip $150 (different model and profile) closest comp I could come up with. Factory HK91 0-1 lower $110 is a bargain but that's what I bought one for recently Semi trigger pack $?? looks like it was built on a factory 91 pack but can't be sure it was or that it would matter if it wasn't. Magpul PRS stock. Not sure of the generation. Rear metal is unknown but surplus is a good bet. There are three numbers that have been crossed out stamped between the pushpin holes on the left side. $200 conservative guess. So total you would have into this, were you to do this yourself today would be $710 plus the semi pack. $620 USPS MO shipped get both items. Won't split up. Not in a hurry to sell, will cross post. Only things I would consider to trade would be for a 308 Tranquilo +/- cash depending on the tax situation.
  13. In search of an original finish grey-blue steel 0-1 lower for an IB date code 91. Don't need the internals (but will take them if they are part of the deal), just need the steel lower, selector, and plastic grip. I have a ton of HK parts to trade or can do cash. Also have a Williams set trigger assembly with grip and a PRS stock assembly to trade Please reply with pics
  14. Up for sale is this TA31F Red chevron package. This is one of the fabled JN8:12 versions. Includes the genuine Trijicon Pelican case, lens stick, instructions, factory mount, and scope cover. I've had this for a couple years and only took it out once or twice. Glass is perfect as close as I can tell. Just not my schtick. $860 USPS MO gets it shipped to you. Cross posted elsewhere.
  15. Anyone here dealt with grabagun,com?

    I have a customer that regularly orders from them. They are easy to deal with and have good prices. IMO they are GTG.